Kate Gosselin Upsets Fans With Pic Of Her Daughter And Dog Kissing

Angela Weiss Getty Images

Kate Gosselin has made fans unhappy once again. The Hollywood Gossip shared how fans are really upset over a kiss that Kate’s daughter shared with her dog and then Kate posted on her Instagram. Almost any picture that Kate posts on her Instagram page gets a hard time. People are upset that one of her sons isn’t living at home, mad about how her oldest daughters act, and now really annoyed that she lets her daughter kiss the dog. This won’t be the last time she gets criticized either and she has to be used to it by now.

In this photo, her German Shepherd Mak is seen kissing her daughter Alexis. As you can see, he puts his tongue right on her mouth. Dogs do this to people all the time, but some people don’t agree with it. Kate thought it was a sweet post and was talking all about how much her children and animals love each other. Kate saw it as a good thing, but the fans didn’t agree with her at all.

Honestly, if you follow Kate Gosselin, you will notice that she posts pictures of her animals often and probably even more than her children. On this post, the fans are going crazy. One said that even doctors say you shouldn’t allow a dog to put their tongue near your mouth. Another talks about how Kate Gosselin is a “germaphobe” and shouldn’t be allowing her dog to do this at all if she cares that much about germs. So far, Kate hasn’t responded to the fans. Everyone would love to hear her response, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. If Kate responded to everyone, then she would never have time to do anything else.

For now, Kate Gosselin isn’t on television, but hopefully, she will be coming back in Kate Plus 8 again soon. The viewers do love the chance to see her on television even if it is to criticize everything she does. The last few seasons have been all about the adventures that she has with her children.