World’s First Lumpy Tablet? Company Shows Off Bumpy Keyboard At CES 2013 [Video]

A new technology which debuted at the Computer Electronic Show last week essentially transforms your device into the world’s first lumpy tablet.

California-based company Tactus has created technology that allows “bumps” to appear over the letters on your virtual keyboard. Instead of tapping your texts out on a flat surface, the screen raises up to create a more realistic typing surface. According to BBC News, the lumps disappear when you’ve finished using them.

However, Tactus isn’t interested in developing new tablets for the technology at the moment. Instead, they’re hoping companies such as Samsung, Sony, and Motorola will incorporate the lumpy keyboard into their current designs.

Gadget Help Line explains that the bumps appear whenever you open the keyboard on your tablet. Once you’ve finished typing out your latest masterpiece, the keys disappear until they’re ready to be used again. This technology could prove quite handy for those who spend a lot of time composing tracts of text on their tablets.

The “Tactus Morphing Tactile” is currently only available for tablets. However, the company hopes to roll out more versions of their technology down the road including bumpy keyboards for those who use smartphones.


Although the idea is certainly intriguing to a lot of people, the folks at Blorge are a little concerned about the technology’s durability. The website said:

“While the technology is intriguing, there is no discussion of how durable it is. Even with the one year to eighteen month lifespan of most electronic devices, portable devices like phones and tablets have to be sturdy. They are easily dropped hence the use of Gorilla Glass or some other extremely durable display covering to protect the device from accidental spills.”

You can check out video of the so-called lumpy tablet below.