‘Project Runway All Stars’ 2018 Recap: Episode 7 — A Kick In The Astro

Pawel KaminskiLifetime

After a week off, the designers on Project Runway All Stars Season 6 were back with another challenge tonight. It was avant-garde time, as the designers created new fashions, but who got eliminated on Project Runway All Stars 2018 tonight? Find out the Episode 7 results from tonight below in our Project Runway All Stars spoilers.

Last time on Project Runway All Stars Season 6, the designers created looks for Betty Boop, giving her something more modern to wear. Some of the designers really struggled with this and worked until the very end. After the judges checked out the looks, it was determined that Char and Edmond had the least favorite looks of the night. In the end, the judges sent Char home.

The Challenge

The designers met Alyssa Milano at the Hudson River Museum Planetarium. They will be using space and the planetarium as their inspiration, as they had to create a cosmic-themed avant-garde look. They had two days for this challenge and a budget of $350.

The Fun Begins

After sketching at the planetarium, the designers headed to Mood to get their fabrics. This challenge seemed destined to let Merline shine, so the pressure was on for her. Josh is doing a hot glue technique, but he was not sure if he would have enough glue for the look. Stanley happened to think it looked like a hot mess and not like outer space.

The second day came and Josh was happy with how his glue was sitting. Fabio was working on the fringe and creating his own textile.

Anne’s Critiques

Ann Fulenwider came in for her critiques of the looks tonight. For Anthony, she told him to watch the sparkle. She was curious to see how Kimberly’s look moved on her model. For Fabio, she was worried about the judges being able to see the textile. She was concerned about Ken using the same technique as he used when he won this challenge before. For Edmond and Stanley, she was concerned about it not being avant-garde. She told Merline it looked like something she has done before and she needs to exaggerate.

The Finals Steps

The models came in for their fittings and these designers still had a ton of work to do, even with two days for this challenge. Runway day arrived and the designers finished up their looks, as the models went to hair and makeup. As time ran out, we had a lot of looks with some booties hanging out.

Judges’ Critiques

After watching the runway show on Project Runway All Stars 2018, it was time for the judges to give their feedback. The judges tonight were Alyssa Milano, Georgina Chapman, Isaac Misrahi, and guest judges Jesse Tyler Ferguson and RuPaul. The top and bottom looks for tonight came from Kimberly, Joshua, Merline, Fabio, Anthony, and Stanley.

  • Fabio – Georgina enjoyed that he had a different perspective than everyone else. Isaac said the design doesn’t work, but it is great. Jesse said he really responded to it.
  • Anthony – Alyssa said this is the design that kept on giving. Isaac said he did not give up her anatomy either. Jesse thought the top looked like spin art.
  • Merline – Isaac said, with this in white and the eye makeup, the look is divine. Georgina said it’s gorgeous. Jesse said the look is beautifully done. RuPaul said it is exquisite.
  • Joshua – Georgina said the glue stick was an amazing idea, but everything else was not needed. RuPaul said it is outrageous and crazy, but it is so wrong it is right.
  • Kimberly – Georgina said the overall design felt confusing. Jesse said he wants the cape for a tree skirt.
  • Stanley – Georgina said the proportions are just wonderful. Jesse said it is kind of wearable.


The judges discussed the top and bottom looks before bringing the designers back onto the runway. The winning look tonight came from Stanley. The bottom two looks came from Joshua and Kimberly. In the end, the judges decided to send Kimberly home.

Project Runway All Stars 2018 airs on Thursday nights at 9/8c on Lifetime.