‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Andre Gets Out Of Prison, Carly Asks Jason For Help, And Finn Confesses To Alexis

Toby Canham/Tibrina HobsonGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers seem to be testing the waters for a romance between Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Finn (Michael Easton). The duo is, most likely, hurting due to recent events and they can provide comfort for each other. As for their respective beaus, someone will appear right in front of Anna. Meanwhile, Julian (William DeVry) will inch closer to Kim and help her out of a fix.

New Confidantes

Following her loss in the mayoral election, Alexis got herself in a tangled situation. It seems like she will be stuck with Finn, for now. Finn has been interested in Anna, and they shared a meaningful experience when they decided to go after Cassandra. The perilous adventure made them realize just how important they were to each other. However, it seems like Anna has more things in her mind, and being with Finn is not on her list of priorities. Spoilers from Soap Hub reveal that Finn will talk to Alexis about how Anna rejected him.

Faison’s Haunting

In a previous episode of General Hospital, Anna made an admission about having a child with Faison. Valentin also knows about this child. Of course, there seems to be nothing that escapes Valentin’s notice, especially when it comes to Anna. Faison will also continue to taunt Anna. In fact, he tried to bait the woman he was obsessed with in his will.

Anna may be involved in several things right now, but General Hospital spoilers reveal that she will be actively seeking Faison’s son. Since she wants to keep things under wraps, she will be sure to do things alone. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Dr. Andre will appear right in front of Anna, and it seems like he is out of his prison garb. With Finn out of the way, and Andre having a direct link with Faison, it seems like fate has a weird way of throwing these two together.

Nelle Schemes

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nelle will continue to play games with Carly. She has been trying to make her believe she is becoming insane with her prank calls, and hearing Morgan’s voice over the phone keeps pushing her over the edge.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jason will play a crucial role in helping Carly regain her senses and figure out what’s happening.