‘This Is Us’ Season 2: Jack’s Story Starts Now — See The Photos For The New Episode, ‘Vegas, Baby’

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This Is Us viewers are no longer in the dark about Jack Pearson’s (Milo Ventimiglia) death, but what about his life? The most recent back-to-back episodes of This Is Us detailed Jack’s tragic death and way-too-soon funeral, but a promo for the hit NBC drama promises that we haven’t seen the last of the Pearson patriarch. A voiceover says: “If you think you know what the coming seasons will reveal, Jack’s story has just begun.”

Now, with a three-week This Is Us hiatus about to end, NBC has released promo photos for the upcoming episode, titled “Vegas, Baby.” While scenes from the episode will show present-day Kate and Toby (Chrissy Metz, Chris Sullivan) in Las Vegas for their bachelor and bachelorette parties, the synopsis for the episode also reveals that Jack and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) will celebrate their anniversary in flashback scenes. Based on the photos, some of the scenes take place early in the Pearsons’ marriage and definitely pre-big three.

A series of photos show Jack and Rebecca in the 1970s and late 1980s/early ’90s eras. Several ’70s-era shots show the couple at a bowling alley, and another shows them in an embrace a decade or so later with a “Happy Anniversary” banner in the background.

This Is Us Vegas Baby
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In addition, it appears that the 10-year-old big three cook up a romantic setting for their parents. The young Pearsons are shown putting out a ton of candles. In another scene, a pregnant Rebecca seems excited about something Jack showed her, and a lot candles on the dining room table behind them teases it may be their last wedding anniversary before their big three were born.

This Is us Jack Rebecca Anniversary
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Of course, given Jack’s early expiration date, This Is Us fans cherish every moment they can get with him. There have been glimpses of Jack’s difficult childhood, his service in Vietnam, and his deceased brother, Nicky, but This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman told Entertainment Weekly there is still a lot to learn about Jack Pearson.

“In many ways, Jack might be the character we still have the most to learn about, because he’s kept so many secrets in this period before we’ve really known him,” the This Is Us creator said. “Vietnam is going to be a big part of where we’re heading. We’ve met this guy who’s this heroic dream father figure, but he comes from a very different beginning, and we’ve even seen glimpses of that, so how does that man come from that?”

Milo Ventimiglia as Jack Pearson
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In an interview with Esquire, Milo Ventimiglia teased future storylines for his character, set in the past, of course.

“There are so many questions with Jack,” the This Is Us star said. “His upbringing, what happened to him in Vietnam, what happened to him after Vietnam before he met Rebecca? And those early days of Jack and Rebecca, I know is an era that Dan is excited to explore.”

This Is Us Season 2 Vegas Baby
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Based on the “Vegas, Baby” promo photos, This Is Us fans will see those early Jack and Rebecca days as well as several other eras as the first of the final three episodes of Season 2 play out.

You can see a promo for the next This Is Us episode below.

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