‘Teen Mom’ Stars Fear Cancellation After Recent Drama, Reports ‘Radar Online’


The stars of MTV’s Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 are reportedly worried about their jobs. The cast members are allegedly fearful the franchise could pull the plug on one or both of the reality TV shows due to the recent drama that has been surrounding the series.

According to a Feb. 22 report by Radar Online, Teen Mom OG stars are hoping that the series doesn’t get cancelled because of Farrah Abraham’s latest antics. Farrah, who was fired from the series late last year has been calling out the network and production companies that produce TMOG for allegedly sex shaming her and being very unprofessional. Abraham claims that she was wrongfully terminated from the show, and she plans to get revenge by suing.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Farrah Abraham has filed a lawsuit in the amount of $5 million against Viacom for wrongful termination and harassment. The suit insists that production caused her emotional pain and loss of enjoyment of life, as well as sex shamed her for her involvement in the adult entertainment industry. Abraham’s suit even alleges that she “feared for her life” while being fired from Teen Mom OG.

Meanwhile, the Teen Mom 2 cast has also been dealing with a lot of drama due to Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason. The couple have caused quite a stir online after they posted insensitive gun photos in the wake of the most recent Florida school shooting. In addition, David also caused controversy when he made several homophobic comments via his Twitter account.

MTV was forced to fire David Eason from Teen Mom 2, effective immediately. While there has been no word on the status of Jenelle Evans, sources are claiming that she is currently not filming in the aftermath of Eason’s termination. To make matters worse, sponsors are beginning to pull their advertisements from the franchise due to the controversy that has surrounded its stars as of late.

Sources reveal that Teen Mom is filming the women, but that the footage could possibly never be seen depending on what happens with the fate of the franchise. Teen Mom 2 is scheduled to return for new episodes on MTV later this year.