February 22, 2018
Canadian Women's Hockey Player Refused To Wear Silver Medal At Ceremony After U.S. Won Gold

Jocelyne Larocque of the Canadian women's hockey team was upset, to say the least, at her team's loss to the United States. Larocque was so distraught that when the silver medal was placed around her neck, she ripped it off within seconds.

The rivalry between the Canadian and the United States women's hockey teams is one of most intense in the Winter Olympic Games. Canada was victorious over the U.S. the last four Winter Olympics but the streak was finally broken this year when the U.S. came out on top. The American's last victory over Canada came in 1998 in Nagano, Japan.

While today should be a cause for celebration for Americans, many are focusing on Larocque's rude behavior at the medal ceremony. The 29-year-old from Manitoba is getting dragged on social media for acting inappropriately at the game's end. Larocque's teammates were equally as upset and many cried throughout the medal ceremony, but all kept their silver medals on.

Larocque already has a gold from the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, so her behavior seemed ungrateful to many. Her emotions were justified as it was an extremely tight game which her team lost in a shootout, but ripping off her silver medal was not the best idea.

According to the Daily Mail, Larocque was forced to put her silver medal back on during an interview after the game by someone in hockey governing body. During the ceremony, it was also reported that Americans in the crowd were yelling "put your medal on," but she refused.

On social media, Larocque is being hailed as a "poor sport" and "spoiled girl" who wasn't respectful to the U.S., her other teammates and the Winter Olympics as a whole.

"You are an embarrassment to Canada and Manitoba not even wearing your silver medal. Ripped it off once it was put on. Maybe you should concentrate on less turnovers instead of embarrassing your province and country," one user posted on Twitter.

"1st world problems I guess. Great game but that silver must have been so heavy for your head. Classless," another added.

While many people bashed Larocque for her poor sportsmanship, others defended the athlete saying she was there to win gold and nothing else.

"If you're out here b****ing about Jocelyne Larocque taking off her silver medal you've probably never played a sport past middle school," one user said in her defense.

It's unknown if Larocque will appear at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.