Father And Stepmother Of Missing 5-Year-Old Lucas Hernandez Have Documented History Of Violent Fights

Wichita Police Department

A handful of police reports obtained by ABC News have shed new light on the home life of missing Wichita, Kansas, boy, 5-year-old Lucas Hernandez, specifically the volatile relationship between the boy’s father and stepmother. Lucas vanished without a trace on February 17; his stepmother, 26-year-old Emily Glass, reported his disappearance to authorities. She was arrested on Wednesday and charged with two counts of child endangerment. Lucas’ whereabouts remain unknown.

According to the newly-obtained police reports, Glass and Lucas Hernandez’ father, Jonathan Hernandez, engaged in multiple physical altercations over the last several years, several of which resulted in the intervention of law enforcement. In an incident that took place in February, 2016, police responded to the family’s apartment to find Glass and Hernandez fighting over a bar tab. In that instance, Hernandez claimed that his girlfriend had hit him in the face, but declined to press charges.

Police were reportedly called to the couple’s home a second time that same night when their argument once again escalated out of control.

In April, 2016, police were once again called to the home of Lucas Hernandez’ father and stepmother. When they arrived, Emily Glass was allegedly holding an “ax handle” during an argument with Hernandez. She reportedly claimed to have been sexually assaulted by a male acquaintance. During the altercation, she allegedly threw a shoe at Lucas Hernandez’ father, who was found to have suffered a bloody nose. Police records indicate that Glass was also found to have injuries, bruising to the side of her head, but police were unable to determine the “primary aggressor” of the domestic violence situation.

In November, 2016, a “loud disturbance” reportedly brought police back to the home shared by Glass and Hernandez. When they arrived at the residence, they found Jonathan Hernandez to be suffering from visible injuries to the side of his face. He claimed that Glass had caused the marks by slapping him.

In December, 2017, Emily Glass claimed that she had gotten into a physical altercation with Jamie Taylor Orr, Lucas Hernandez’ biological mother. According to Glass, Taylor punched her, however police found no evidence of injuries on her person.

Since news broke of Lucas Hernandez’ disappearance, several of the missing boy’s relatives have come forward to claim that they believe that the 5-year-old may have been the victim of physical abuse. According to Lucas’ great-aunt, Sally Rasmussen, she saw “marks” on the child last year. Rasmussen went on to add that family members of the missing boy reported their suspicions to authorities in both Kansas and New Mexico before Lucas disappeared.

As The Eagle reports, Lucas Hernandez’ mother posted a video of her son to her Facebook page on Wednesday. The video, apparently of Lucas’ 5th birthday celebration, appears to show bruising above his eye.

In a comment on the video, Jamie Orr claimed that Lucas was sent to her wearing “filthy” clothes and with a bruise on his forehead.

“I apologize, after viewing the video that I just posted on this post, I instantly remembered that day that I did get Lucas (late) on his birthday. Emily sent him to me In filthy clothes and…well you see the bruise on his four head. I do realize that may be too graphic for some people at this point. Therefore I apologize.”

Lucas’ relatives have also told local media that the missing 5-year-old had previously claimed that Emily Glass was “mean” to him, even reportedly alleging that she had kicked him and dragged him across a floor. While the Kansas Department for Children and Families has refused to confirm any involvement with the family to the media, relatives provided a letter sent from the agency last May that indicated that the department was investigating Lucas’ situation.

The Wichita Police Department and FBI continue to search for Lucas Hernandez, who has now been missing for five days. Authorities have called on the public for assistance in the case, and have encouraged anyone with any information regarding Lucas’ whereabouts to call 316-383-4661 or 911 immediately. The departments have also addressed queries as to why no Amber Alert was issued in Lucas’ case. According to authorities, no Amber Alert was issued because they do not believe Lucas was abducted.

Local media outlet KAKE spoke with Lucas Hernandez’ father about reports that his son may have been abused prior to his disappearance. Specifically, Jonathan Hernandez was asked if Emily Glass had abused Lucas and told that family members had expressed their concerns about the possibility. According to Jonathan Hernandez, “that’s a whole separate issue” from his son’s disappearance.

“I’m sorry that they did and that really pisses me off. Only because it seems like it’s about something else and it’s not happening now. Now, if you want to bring that up later that’s fine. That’s a whole separate issue. I think it’s taking away from what’s happening and I don’t appreciate it. Not from my family, not from strangers.”

Jonathan Hernandez has also publicly stated that he believes his son is still alive.

Emily Glass remains behind bars on a $50,000 bond. Police are now calling their search for Lucas Hernandez a criminal investigation.