Best buys for Black Friday, all in one place

You may have noticed the Christmas season has started a bit earlier than scheduled this year, with Christmas deals, decor and even to the dismay of everyone but my mother, Christmas music all being relentlessly piped into stores and TV advertising since probably mid-October.

Black Friday is a uniquely American tradition of excess consumerism, following our holy day of excess food consumption and sloth seamlessly like All Saints’ Day and All Souls Day except, you know, more sin-y. A lot of people have the Friday following Thanksgiving off from work owing to travel and the fact that no one has a job, and Black Friday deals this year have started frenzied shoppers buzzing all over the interwebnets like whoa.

We told you about Walmart’s Black Friday ad, the Sears Black Friday deals for gaming, Best Buy’s techie deals and Target’s huge Black Friday sale, but so many retailers are trying to get a piece of the plum pudding for Christmas hoping cash-strapped consumers might ease up on the short arms, long pockets routine- how does a savvy shopper keep track? Consumerist pointed us towards a website that collects ads and information about Black Friday sales and even lists Black Friday circulars for your perusal. ( So if you want to get in on the action (or you really need a new toaster and only have $3), you can formulate your plan of attack and make it arguably worthwhile to brave the crowds.