'The Division' Drop Rates For Classified Gear Doubling, Targeted Caches Available During Global Events

David Stonecipher

Now that all existing item sets have Classified Gear set variants in Tom Clancy's The Division, developers of the game are increasing the drop rates of these items. Classified set pieces have about a three percent chance to drop in the game currently. An upcoming update will improve that chance to 6 percent. Completing legendary missions will have a 20 percent chance to reward a Classified item, too.

The new drop rates and future Global Events are discussed at length in the new state of the game address. Other drop rates will improve in The Division, including the supply drop season pass owners receive. The supply drop will have a 10 percent chance to include a Classified item and is guaranteed to contain 100 Division Tech. In general, Division Tech will be more plentiful. According to the official website, weekly assignments will reward 100 Division Tech and daily assignments will offer 25 Division Tech.

Global Events will return to The Division, highlighting four select gear sets during each event. A cache for each gear set will be purchasable during the Global Event, letting players target the set they want to collect. During the off-season, a new Classified cache can be bought with Phoenix Credits. This cache contains a random guaranteed Classified Gear set piece from any of the sets for 2,500 Phoenix Credits.

In addition to the drop rate changes and upcoming Global Events, the new update will also remove all vendor exotics from drop tables. These exotic items will still be available from vendors, but players of The Division will no longer receive them as drop rewards. Moreover, all exotic items can be looted from bosses on the standard PvE map. There are no exotic items exclusive to the Dark Zone after the update launches.

With all Classified Gear sets now in the game, developers are improving the drop rates and set balancing will occur as well. As the Inquisitr reported, any changes to gear sets will go through a testing phase before they are finalized.

The new drop rates, Global Events, and other changes are coming to the game in a future update. At this time, there is no tentative release date for the changes to The Division or the next Global Event.