‘Little Couple’ Lawsuit News: Discovery, LMNO Resolve Battle, Fans Hope For Jen Arnold, Bill Klein’s Return

Stephen LovekinGetty Images

Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein’s The Little Couple has been on hiatus again for a while now, and fans are anxious for news regarding a return with new episodes. Viewers were thrilled when TLC began airing new shows again late last year after an intense legal battle and a lengthy gap in seasons. However, now the series has been off the air for a couple of months with no specific return date in sight. What’s the latest on the issues impacting the series and its potential return?

Discovery Communications, which owns TLC, has been in a fierce legal battle with LMNO Productions, which produces The Little Couple, since June 2016. The fight impacted TLC’s ability to air Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein’s show, and recently Jen and Bill got involved in filing their own legal papers regarding the show as well.

According to Variety, LMNO and Discovery have now resolved the issues between them. An amicable settlement has reportedly between reached between the two entities and it seems that all outstanding issues and claims have been put to rest with the settlement. Terms related to the deal between Discovery and LMNO remain confidential, and apparently, neither party will be sharing any additional information or comments about the situation.

One component of this Little Couple legal fight that remains unresolved, however, is related to what Klein and Arnold have filed. They wanted to block the settlement between LMNO and Discovery, and they had filed their own lawsuit against LMNO. However, their request to block the settlement was rejected by the judge, and their suit against LMNO has yet to be resolved.

Neither Jen nor Bill have ever commented directly on any of this legal drama. They have not responded to Little Couple fans who ask about the show’s return, but Klein did recently post a photo on social media that hinted at progress.

Bill tweeted out a photo of Will and Zoey sharing the interview chair with one another, and he noted that Zoey’s hair has gotten a bit longer. The Little Couple star said that the whole crew was smiling once they wrapped thanks to Will’s infectious smile, and it does seem as if this is a recent picture.

If indeed the photo of Will and Zoey is recent, that means that the Little Couple stars have been filming again and anticipate a return to TLC. There had been some talk that the family would be filming in January, highlighting their move to Florida and how well they’ve settled into their new home. Unfortunately, there has been little for fans to go on in this regard for some time now.

TLC tends not to share information about premiere dates very far ahead of time, so fans will have to hang tight for a bit longer in terms of specifics regarding new episodes. However, having things resolved between Discovery Communications and LMNO Productions seems like a key step to bringing the series back and Bill Klein’s tweet certainly seems to hint at good news for Little Couple fans.