Chad Lowe Gets Golden Globes Shoutout From Lena Dunham

Chad Lowe is a small-time actor best known for being the brother of fellow actor Rob Lowe, but, at Sunday’s Golden Globes, he was the talk of Hollywood for at least a minute.

During her acceptance speech after winning the Golden Globe for best actress in a TV comedy series or musical, Lena Dunham gave a shoutout to Chad Lowe that had Hollywood buzzing.

The connection between Dunham and Lowe? There isn’t one. But the Girls actress thought it would be funny to recall another awards show moment when Hilary Swank forgot to thank her then-husband Chad Lowe when accepting the Oscar for the 2000 movie Boys Don’t Cry.

As The Associated Press noted, it took the audience at the Golden Globes a few seconds to get the Chad Lowe joke.

But Chad Lowe got it right away. He took to Twitter afterward to joke, “You forgot to thank me?! After all we’ve been through? I’m shocked.”

Lena Dunham‘s shoutout to Chad Lowe did get some love from elsewhere in Hollywood, The Atlantic Wire noted. Several celebrities and media members tweeted their approval of the joke, including Entertainment Weekly writer Vilkomerson.

She wrote:

Jake Tapper, the new White House correspondent at CNN, also approved:

What did you think of Lena Dunham’s decision to thank Chad Lowe at the Golden Globe awards?