‘Little People, Big World’ Star Matt Roloff Talks New Home Purchase, Rekindles Rumors Of Move Off Roloff Farms

Thos RobinsonGetty Images

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff took to social media recently to talk about a new home purchase and rekindled rumors of a possible move off of Roloff Farms. Matt Roloff shared a couple of short video clips on social media about two weeks ago of the inside of a home that he purchased at auction and is currently remodeling. The 56-year-old Roloff family patriarch noted that he likes what he’s “doing to it” and might not want to sell it, leaving Little People, Big World fans to wonder if he’s going to live in it instead of on Roloff Farms.

Rumors began circulating among Little People, Big World viewers about eight months ago that Matt Roloff was moving off of Roloff Farms. The rumor of a possible move started after Matt shared a photo on Facebook of a new house that he purchased and was putting a roof on. Immediately, Matt Roloff’s followers began to ask if he was “no longer” on Roloff Farms. Some fans even posted angry comments that Roloff Farms belongs to Matt and that Amy, 53, should move.

Matt and Amy Roloff have been living in separate homes on Roloff Farms since their divorce nearly two years ago. Some fans of the beloved Little People, Big World couple actually said they needed answers on the photo of the new house that Matt Roloff shared in June of 2017. Of course, Matt never gave specifics on why he purchased the home, leaving his followers frustrated and confused about whether he had moved off of Roloff Farms. Matt simply kept calling the home his “new house.”

The Inquisitr shared back in June that fans of Little People, Big World were shocked that Matt Roloff had purchased a new home that was apparently in a residential neighborhood. Since Matt never answered his followers’ comments about a move off Roloff Farms, one commenter said that fans would have to watch TLC to find out the story behind the new home purchase. However, several months later, Matt Roloff has finally explained his new house in another Facebook post, saying that he purchased the house at auction and is working on flipping it for a sale.

“A house I bought on auction that I’m supposed to flip. But kinda like what I doing to it so might be hard to sell it when I done. Arg.”

Matt Roloff also shared that he likes what he’s doing to the home and might not want to actually sell it when construction is complete, which, again, led to comments asking if Matt and his new love, Caryn Chandler, will live in the new home, rather than on Roloff Farms. One comment suggested that Matt Roloff should let his youngest son, Jacob Roloff, 21, live in the new home with his long-time girlfriend and fiancee, Isabel Rock.

SpiritsWander, a commentary blog on the Roloff family, confirmed that engaged couple Jacob and Isabel live with Little People, Big World matriarch Amy Roloff in the main house on Roloff Farms. The main house is built with “little people-friendly features,” as noted in the previously mentioned Inquisitr article, and some fans think that Matt Roloff should keep his “new house” and do LP upgrades, rather than build another LP house on Roloff Farms.

Matt Roloff never disclosed the location of his new home purchase, but Little People, Big World fans assume it’s close to Roloff Farms in Oregon since Zach and Tori stopped in to view the ongoing remodel on the Saturday afternoon of February 10.

Loyal fans of Little People, Big World continue to speculate about Season 13, with some fans commenting that the new season will premiere in March, while other fans commented in April. The Little People, Big World network, TLC, has yet to announce a premiere date for Season 13 or even that the long-running reality TV series has been renewed, although Roloff family members have hinted about filming for the new season since August of 2017, according to In Touch Weekly.

A premiere date of March 31, 2018, is noted on the Return Dates websites, however, renewal status of Little People, Big World is listed as unknown. March 31 is a Saturday this year and not a Tuesday, which has been the day that Little People, Big World has aired on TLC for years, but Little People, Big World did premiere Season 1 on a Saturday back in March of 2006, as noted by TV Guide.