Cleveland Cavaliers: LeBron James Speaks Out In Disagreement With NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

Duane BurlesonAP Images

LeBron James is speaking out about a major change that could be coming to the NBA very soon. The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar was recently asked about comments from NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who revealed he would look into changing the format of the playoffs to incorporate the best 16 teams in the league, and not just the top eight teams in each conference.

According to a Feb. 21 report by Bleacher Report, after the success of mixing the Eastern Conference and Western Conference players for the All-Star game, Adam Silver told reporters that he would consider changing the playoffs so that any two teams, no matter what conference they’re in, could end up playing one another in the NBA Finals. Of course, Silver revealed that there would be challenges if that were to happen, such as the teams possibly having to travel across the country multiple times in a playoff series. Now, LeBron James is speaking out on the possibility of changing the playoff format.

The Cleveland Cavaliers basketball star claims that while changing the All-Star game was fun, especially for fans who watched for pure entertainment value, he disagrees with the thought of overhauling the playoff process. LeBron James went on to say that he believes the NBA has “been built the right way when it comes to the postseason.” James added the there have been different times when one conference has been dominate in the past, like with the L.A. Lakers in the west or Boston Celtics in the east. However, changing the postseason seeding would “change the landscape of the history of the game.” While LeBron says he’s all for switching up the All-Star game, he doesn’t want the league to “get too crazy about the playoffs.”

Some fans an NBA analysts have spoken out in support of possibly changing the way the playoffs are seeded, claiming that the best two teams in the NBA would likely end up in The Finals together, whether they’re from the same conference or not. However, others like LeBron James, believe that the seeding should stand pat, like it does in the NFL, MLB, and other sports.

Currently, LeBron James is more worried about getting back on the court with the new look Cleveland Cavaliers and improving the team’s record with the four new players before the Cavs start their playoff run.