Maci Bookout Gets Credit For Diversity After Photoshoot Photos Are Revealed

John PhillipsGetty Images

Maci Bookout and her husband bought a t-shirt company a few years ago called Things That Matter. It had been her husband’s dream to run his own t-shirt company and then the opportunity surfaced to get his own business, he decided to act on it. Maci was very supportive of his dream to run his own business and she joined his team for a while. She ran the facebook page and the website, but on a later season of Teen Mom OG, Maci expressed her desire to step back and work on something else. But it sounds like she may still have an active role in the business, as she went to look at office spaces with her husband on this season of Teen Mom OG. Plus, she also told him how much he could spend on an office space.

Maybe Bookout is an active person in the company because she has an insight into what people are looking for. And after this week’s drama with Teen Mom 2 cast member David Eason, Maci knows that diversity is more important than ever before. According to a new tweet, Maci Bookout and her husband are now being credited with using various models, backgrounds, and races for their photoshoots.

The fan who pointed this out shared a collage of the models that Maci Bookout and her husband had used in their photoshoots. It is clear that they are trying to show diversity and acceptance when it comes to their customers. While Maci and Taylor McKinney may not have thought about the importance of this move at the time, it sounds like their business move is being highlighted now because of the drama with David Eason. Over the weekend, Jenelle Evans’ husband made inappropriate and homophobic comments about transgendered parents. It didn’t take long for people to report his Twitter account and within a few hours, he had disabled the account. In addition, MTV decided to cut ties with him. He has not said anything since deleting his Twitter account.

Maci Bookout hasn’t said anything about David Eason’s personal drama or the fact that he has been fired from MTV. One can imagine she’s happy about him being fired, so he’s not filming the show while sharing his inappropriate views.