Taylor Swift Is Not Impressed By Adele’s Golden Globe Award [Video]

Adele is taking home a Golden Globe for her theme song to the James Bond film Skyfall, and country singer Taylor Swift is not impressed. What’s more, the internet has noticed.

Many Twitter users have seized the microblog not to congratulate Adele for her Golden Globe win but to mock Swift’s vaguely masked ire at losing the Best Film Song award to the British crooner.

Swift seems so used to winning awards, acclaim, and general praise that she doesn’t know how to lose, and the internet has noticed.

Adele’s acceptance speech was drowned out by a cut-away shot of Swift’s stone cold, furious reaction shot.

Now Twitter is predicting that the young country star’s next album might be all about losing a Golden Globe to Adele.

User @StylesForce tweets, “Waits for Taylor to write a song about Adele.”

The IBTimes reports that Taylor Swift’s “Red” lost to Adele’s “21” as the best-selling album in the US for two consecutive years. Adele sold 4.41 million albums in 2012, while Swift sold 3.11 million.

Adele’s Skyfall beat out Taylor Swift’s Hunger Games single “Safe and Sound.”

Additionally, “Skyfall” the single has been nominated for best original song at the 2013 Academy Awards.

Personally, I think that Adele’s “Skyfall” sounds a bit like it was just thrown together on a Saturday afternoon. This isn’t to take anything away from Adele, of course, because throwing something together on a Saturday afternoon for someone like her equals awards gold. But here’s “Skyfall,” and Taylor Swift’s “Safe and Sound.” Do you think the right woman won?

[iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/YFEDTtKaFzU" width="560" height="315"]

And here’s Adele’s Golden Globe acceptance speech with Taylor Swift’s icy reaction around 0:23.