Nokia 8 Pro, Nokia 10: Everything You Need To Know

David Ramos Getty Images

Nokia is making a comeback and it’s not solely focused on bringing back the 3310 series. This year, the phone manufacturing company is set to release three flagship smartphones that are expected to be at par with Apple, Samsung, and Google’s current offerings.

The reason why Nokia’s 3310 series worked is because of its durability and long battery life. Smartphone users are evolving and are looking for better features, and others are learning to separate functionalities like lifestyle use and work. With Nokia’s flagship smartphones in 2018, HMD Global, the company that brought Nokia mobile back, is planning to make another disruption in the market.

Nokia 8 Pro/Nokia 10

There are still few confirmations about the name, but many suspect that the new Nokia 8 Pro is actually the renamed version of the supposed Nokia 10. Due to a couple of rumors, it is believed that Nokia 10 will not launch at all and will be introduced as the Nokia 8 Pro instead. According to TechRadar, the new Nokia 8 Pro will have a Penta-lense, featuring Carl Zeiss optics. Having the Penta-lens setup could also be the reason for the “Pro” rename. With the Carl Zeiss patented technology, the new offering may also have rotating lenses and impressive zoom features.

Having a penta-lens is actually a big deal. Because of the high-end tech, some doubt the availability of the penta-lens feature, especially now that it’s all just coming from rumors and very few details have been confirmed. At the same time, reviewers and consumers are getting tired of minor upgrades from smartphone manufacturers that appear “to pile on more on the same,” according to KnowYourMobile.

Since dual camera sensors are becoming the norm, it could be surprising for a company to skip a couple of steps and go right ahead to penta-lens. But, this is where the confusion comes in. As KnowYourMobile noted, it is still highly possible for a penta-lens smartphone to be launched in the market because they’re talking about the “lens” and not the “sensor.”

In the recently revealed leak above, the drawing shows a penta-lens schematics. According to NPU, which sourced a patent by camera firm and Nokia partner Carl Zeiss, the penta-lens will have more features than simply providing extremely HD video and pictures.

“These multiple lenses can rotate and come in focal path of a fixed primary lens and detector. This by design will help in changing the focal length and providing with a large zoom range. The patent does mention that this is meant especially for Mobile Phones,” said the report.

With this, it is clear that Nokia’s patent is about having five lenses and not sensors. If we’re talking about sensors, the smartphone can have one or two. If Nokia can really pull it off, this makes the gap between traditional hand-held cameras and smartphones a lot closer.

Watch out for the latest update on the Nokia MWC 2018 press conference on February 25.