Inside Nikolas Cruz’s History With The Police: 911 Records Prior To The Fatal Parkland Shooting Revealed

Mike Stocker-PoolGetty Images

Nikolas Cruz, the alleged gunman at the fatal Parkland school shooting in Florida, had been involved in a number of incidents in Palm Beach County over the last three months, a new report revealed.

After he went on a rampage and killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, the 19-year-old has become a hot topic on social media and online. Because of the gravity of his actions that led to the slaughter, many news outlets dug deeper into his past and uncovered interesting things about his mental health and his encounters with the police.

Citing 911 records, ABC15 reported that authorities were called in three times during Cruz’s short stay at the Lantana, Florida trailer park with his adoptive mother’s best friend, Roxanne Deschamps.

During one of the instances that occurred on November 28, Cruz got into a brawl with Lantana trailer park resident and Roxanne’s son, 22-year-old Rock Deschamps. Based on the report, the 19-year-old shooting suspect punched a wall into the trailer and started to “break things” after misplacing his mother’s photo.

Seeing the damage done to his house, Cruz’s 22-year-old housemate got into a fist fight with him but eventually called 911. When authorities arrived, the 19-year-old suspect reportedly apologized for “losing his temper” and appeared “nervous and calm” at the same time.

Because the teen was “going through a lot,” Deschamps decided not to press charges and told the law enforcers that he “did not want [Cruz] to go to jail.”

Four days before that, the same neighbor called 911 to report about his suspicions that Cruz owned a gun and asked the deputies to see if it was buried in his backyard. At the time, Nikolas Cruz was at work. It wasn’t clear whether authorities found a weapon concealed or if they contacted the suspect at the time.

On November 27, a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School social worker called 911 to conduct a welfare check on the younger Cruz brother who lived with Nikolas and their mother’s best friend at the trailer park.

According to the report, Nikolas Cruz’s brother failed to attend his classes after their adoptive mother, Lynda Cruz, passed away. He wasn’t officially “dis-enrolled from school in Broward to attend any other school.”

On top of that, a total of forty 911 calls were placed while the Cruz family resided in the area from 2010 to January 2017 for incidents that vary including domestic disturbance, mentally ill person and child or elderly abuse, and juvenile disturbance.

In a previous report from the Inquisitr, it was also revealed that Nikolas Cruz suffered from mental health issues like ADHD, autism, and depression but was not hospitalized even after getting examined by a Florida mental health agency in 2016.

“What happened is nobody’s responsibility except that [Cruz] has mental issues, and that is all we can do,” Roxanna Deschamps told ABC15, revealing that she filed to gain control over the Cruz brothers’ inheritance the day after the Valentine’s day slaughter.