Helpless Puppy Eaten Alive By Crocodile After Man Throws It Into Infested River

An unidentified man was caught on camera carrying out a horrific act of animal cruelty.

The video, which is believed to have taken place in Indonesia, shows a young man walking down the side of the cliff while carrying a helpless dog by his neck. According to the Daily Mail, the puppy had been kept in a bag before being harshly carried to the jagged rocks.

As the heartless man holds the dog, voices of people laughing and shouting can be heard in the background as if egging him on. Without hesitation, the man throws the helpless puppy into a crocodile-infested river.

The clip shows the puppy landing into the water with a splash. Although not so clear, the poor animal can be seen struggling for a few minutes, desperately kicking its legs to keep his head above the water.

Shortly after that, an aggressive crocodile approached the dog and snapped it. The disturbing clip shows the helpless puppy being dragged underwater and eaten alive.

The identity of the man in question remains unclear or why exactly he did such horrific act.

Meanwhile, the viral video quickly gained the attention of animal lovers and rights activists. One viewer described the incident as a “ruthless act” while another one called the man “sick.” Others even suggested that the man should be thrown in the same crocodile-infested river.

Animal cruelty, particularly to dogs, has always been a problem in many countries. According to the Metro, nine out ten dogs are being slaughtered on a weekly basis and have their meat sold in South East Asian countries.

Earlier this year, another disturbing video emerged online showing dogs being bludgeoned to death and burned alive in dog meat markets.

There were even cases where pets have been stolen from their owners to be sold or slaughtered. Campaigners for Dog Meat-Free Indonesia (DMFI), who released the horrific footage, revealed that in North Sulawesi alone, there may be around 200 “live animal markets.”

However, the outlet reiterated that only a minority of Indonesians actually consume dog meat. Despite this, authorities have been concerned about the effects of eating dog meat to humans.

Apparently, a 2007 research showed that seven to ten percent of dogs being sold for human consumption were infected with rabies, which could be life-threatening.