Tyler Henry Talks About Boyfriend, Claims Boyfriend’s Dead Relatives Speak To Him

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Tyler Henry is speaking out about his boyfriend and they also have a few weird things in their relationship. E! Online shared that Tyler took a while to admit who the man in his life is, but he has found love. He also happens to hear from his boyfriend’s dead relatives, which is a bit odd, but the Hollywood Medium star is used to this kind of thing. Lucky for him, he found a guy who can handle his crazy life.

Tyler is now with his photographer boyfriend Clint and has been for over a year. Rumors came out about who he was dating, but it was confirmed recently and now Tyler is talking about it all. He is glad to be able to share it all with fans now and be open. They actually met each other because Clint’s mom is a client of Tyler’s.

Their relationship seems pretty normal besides the fact that Clint’s relatives do come to Tyler once in a while. It turns out that Clint is actually very understanding about what Tyler Henry does for a living. Some people aren’t open to this or comfortable with it, but he found someone who can fit into his life perfectly. He even gets messages from Clint’s grandfather and he understands that Tyler has to give out the message and then they are able to go with their evening. It takes a special person to understand this lifestyle and it looks like he has found that in Clint.

This new season of Hollywood Medium looks like it will be a great one. Tyler is going to have Latoya Jackson on the show and he actually ends up connecting with Michael Jackson, which is something everyone is going to want to see. Teresa Giudice will also be on the show and get a message from her late mother. Fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey know how hard the loss of her mom has been.

Date night with my Valentine. ????

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Don’t miss watching Tyler Henry when Hollywood Medium returns with new episodes to E!. Hopefully, Tyler will bring his boyfriend on the show sometime this season. The third season of Hollywood Medium will start airing on E! on February 28, 2018.