Furious Wife Chops Off Husband’s Penis And Flushes It Down The Toilet After Accusing Him Of Cheating

A woman has been arrested in India after chopping off her husband’s genitals and flushing them down the toilet — all because of an alleged cheating incident.

Sukhwant Kaur, a mother of two, is currently facing legal charges after allegedly carrying out a horrible act against her husband, Azad Singh, 40. According to the Daily Mail, the scorned wife has had enough of her husband’s affair and decided to take matters into her own hands.

Authorities revealed that the furious wife waited until her husband fell asleep before pulling off her gruesome plan. As soon as Singh dozed off, Kaur reportedly beat him unconscious with a rod.

Once he was out cold, she allegedly chopped off his penis and testicles. She then decided to dispose of his genitals by flushing them down the toilet in their family home at Joginder Nagar, northern India.

Satinder Kumar, the assistant commissioner of police for the city of Jalandhar, said, “The woman first hit her husband with a rod when he was sleeping which left him unconscious. Thereafter, she chopped off his private parts with a knife and then disposed them in a toilet.”

Singh, who was bleeding profusely after the attack, was immediately rushed to a local private hospital and is currently fighting for his life. It was also revealed that the detached penis could not be found and an attempt to sew it back would be impossible.

The victim’s father filed a complaint with the police after the attack, prompting the arrest of Kaur. The suspect has already confessed to her crime and is now facing charges of attempted murder.

Authorities will also investigate her allegation that Singh is having an affair with another woman.

This is not the first time that the same incident took place in the said country. In October, a man from Kattipuram, India, had his penis successfully reattached after it was cut off by his lover.

According to the Metro, the lover found out that he was set to marry another woman, which his parents chose for him. The upset lover then cut off his genitals, almost completely severing it.

Fortunately for the man, doctors were able to reattach the penis successfully after an eight-hour-long surgery. According to Dr. Krishnakumar, a senior consultant at the hospital that performed the surgery, they managed to repair all the necessary parts of the organ, adding that the patient can be back to normal life in a month.