‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Ariadna Won PoV – Final Nomination Plan For Friday Live Eviction

Monty BrintonCBS

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds reveal that the PoV comp went down Wednesday afternoon and everyone in the house played except for Ross Matthews who served as the host as his name wasn’t drawn for the comp. With allies Ariadna and Brandi on the block, it was critical that one of them win since the odds of someone else pulling them off the block were staggeringly low.

Mark McGrath is the HoH that nominated the allied women and his expectation is that if Marissa or James won, they would leave them on the chopping block. But since someone outside his alliance won the face morph comp, he’s already making renom plans with his CBB bestie James and that means it’s curtains for a certain Real Housewife.

Ariadna Won The Power of Veto

The live feeds were down for more than six hours Wednesday afternoon and Big Brother fans were frustrated at the lengthy gap filled with adorable puppies and kitties. When the feeds came back up Wednesday night, it was revealed by Jokers Updates that Ariadna won the face morph comp.

Considering that she’s been very hands-on with the other houseguests putting makeup on them and doing facials, it’s no surprise she won a facial recognition game. After the feeds returned, Ari talked with Marissa, Omarosa, and Brandi while James and Mark strategized in the gym and decided who they’ll renom.

Ross Wants Omarosa Out, Too Bad

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the shows and live feeds made it clear that Ross is desperate to get Omarosa out of the game, but Mark isn’t going to be swayed on his renom. Although he told James on the live feeds that he will listen to everyone’s pitches, the plan he made with James is rock-solid.

Since Ariadna will naturally pull herself off the chopping block and James and Mark are in lock-step that they want Brandi out, they will nominate someone who no one wants to vote against. Mark says he’ll nominate Marissa that way either Brandi goes home or Ross loses his ride-or-die, but the two-guy alliance is certain that Brandi will be evicted up against Marissa.

Mark Will Tell Marissa She’s Going On The Block

Other CBB US spoilers after the comp revealed that Mark decided he will tell Marissa that she will be the renom so she won’t be blindsided. He’s confident that by putting up Marissa, he can make sure the house won’t flip and that Brandi will definitely go. Even if the house decides to oust Marissa, that’s still half a power couple evicted, so it’s a win-win.

Counting the votes, there are four available. Ariadna will vote to evict Marissa, Ross will vote to evict Brandi. James will vote to evict Brandi. Omarosa’s vote is anyone’s guess. She wants to break up power couples, so voting for either will meet that goal.

Omarosa loosely allied with James and Mark last week but doesn’t want a guy to win the game. However, Oma also knows that Ross is gunning for her and taking his ally out of the game might help her. The worst case is that Omarosa also votes to evict Marissa and it goes to a tie forcing Mark to make the deciding vote.

James wants Brandi gone, so Mark will vote her way to keep James happy. There seems little chance that Brandi will survive the Friday live eviction and James is wide open to play hard for the HoH since he and Mark know the rest of the house will be gunning for them hard.

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