Who Won ‘The Amazing Race’ 2018 Tonight? Season 30 Finale Results


It was the final leg of The Amazing Race Season 30 tonight, as the final four teams competed for the $1 million prize. It was all about checking in with Phil Keoghan on that final leg, but who won The Amazing Race 2018 tonight? Find out the Season 30 finale results from tonight below in our The Amazing Race spoilers.

Last week on The Amazing Race Season 30, the teams headed to the Kingdom of Bahrain. They had to move 300 pounds of wood, eat local sweets, and milk cows. It was a close race for everyone except for Brittany and Lucas, who lost his passport on the flight. He could not get on the connecting flight and the time it took them to get a temporary passport was too long and they were eliminated. For the second hour, the teams headed to Thailand and had to catch frogs and eat scorpions. It ended with Evan and Henry checking in with Phil Keoghan last, but it was a non-elimination leg of the race and no one was sent home. They will face a Speed Bump in tonight’s leg, as the finale is here.

First Hour

For this hour, the teams made their way to Hong Kong. Henry and Evan got their Speed Bump right away, as they had to work with some Chinese lanterns. From there, the teams had to serve local food at a restaurant or work with hairy crabs. Then the teams had to smash some appliances with a bat and use their brain to remember previous legs of this race in order to unlock a briefcase and find the location of the Pit Stop. Henry and Evan made up the time, as they ended up winning this leg. Alex and Conor struggled to unlock the briefcase and because of that, they came in at the last place and were eliminated.

Second Hour

It was Henry and Evan, Cody and Jessica, and Kristin and Jen as the final three teams. They flew back to San Francisco, as the final leg of The Amazing Race Season 30 took place. The teams had to search for baseballs that represented how many home runs Willie Mays hit. They also jumped from ledges and had to get on a ship and find 12 parts to build a plane. After finding the parts, they had stickers on them that represented each leg of the race. Only six of the parts would be used, but all 12 legs of the race had to be represented. It was Jen, Henry, and Jessica putting the planes together and it was a battle of who would get it correct first. It ended up being Jessica that got it right first, as they then raced to the finish line and Jessica and Cody won The Amazing Race 2018 tonight.