Jennifer Lawrence Looks Hot At The Golden Globes, Probably Because She Has The Flu

Jennifer Lawrence apparently has the flu, but she still looked stunning at the Golden Globes this evening in a floor-length red Dior dress.

The 22-year-old Silver Linings Playbook star rocked the red carpet in a reddish strapless dress from Dior Haute Couture at the Golden Globes this evening. “This is Dior haute couture,” she told Ryan Seacrest of E! News. “I don’t really know what haute means, but I had to say it.”

The normally off-color actress admitted that she had fallen victim to flu season as well. “I don’t want to shake your hand, I have the flu. Sorry!” she joked when Seacrest offered to help her off the E! podium.

Lawrence also admitted that she’s still surprised by the recognition she’s gotten this year. When asked if she is in denial, she said that wasn’t exactly the case: “Well, no, that’s proven to be pretty impossible,” she laughed. “None of it sinks in. It’s all just such good news that it takes a minute to kind of sink in. But not denial.”

Her look has earned her some criticism already. USA Today opined that her Dior dress sagged in … well … her bust. “The extra fabric across the bust drooped dourly. The resulting effect? A set of, well, not-so-golden globes.”

They later updated to say that Lawrence later donned what appeared to be a man’s gray suit jacket and guessed that it may have been a signal that she’d gotten wind of their criticism.

Certainly, it had nothing to do with the flu.

Here are some photos of Jennifer Lawrence at the Golden Globes. What do you think? Hot or not?