Bungie Juggles ‘Destiny 2’ Development Roadmap, Adds Rumble But Pushes Out Mod Improvements And More


The Destiny 2 development roadmap was shuffled by Bungie a bit Wednesday. The update planned for next week will be missing some previously promised Nightfall features that have been bumped to March. Meanwhile, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC Guardians will have to wait for the summer to see the Mod system overhaul, but Rumble and a weekly Crucible playlist is coming to help compensate.

February Changes

Some of the promised Nightfall changes will be delivered with the 1.1.3 update scheduled to be delivered to Destiny 2 on Tuesday, February 27. This includes the new score system and high score tracking. Additionally, the first version of the Nightfall Challenge Cards is listed as a stretch goal for next week’s update after previously having been listed for the March update.

Destiny 2 will also receive new Emblem variants for the Nightfall, Crucible, and Destinations. However, the Nightfall Strike Unique Rewards has slipped to March to give Bungie’s artists extra time to make the rewards “super cool.”

Also slipping to March is the promised Exotic Repetition Reduction. This is perhaps less important anyway, as the guaranteed unique Exotic engram from Xur makes it likely most active players already have close to the full suite of Exotic weapons and armor.

Meanwhile, players will still be able to use the Destiny 2 Companion App to view Mods and Shaders via a mobile device in the 1.1.3 update. The ability to view vendor inventory has been bumped to March, though.

March Update

The 1.1.4 update for March became a little more featured filled with the delayed features from February. However, it is shaping up to be perhaps the more interesting of the Destiny 2 updates thanks to the addition of a Weekly Crucible Playlist that will feature Mayhem and Rumble.

Destiny 2 players have been pining for Rumble to be added since it the full list of multiplayer modes were announced by Bungie. Mayhem was a big hit as well when it arrived as part of the Dawning event. Doubles will eventually be added to weekly playlist after its successful run during the Crimson Days event.

The one item being bumped out of the March update will likely be a disappointment to many Guardians. The Exotic Weapon and Armor Sandbox Changes is now listed as a stretch goal for the 1.2.0 update to be delivered in May alongside the new DLC. Bungie just previewed some of the changes planned last week too.

Mod Overhaul Delayed

Unfortunately, the shuffle extends all the way out to the Mod System Improvements planned for the 1.2.0 update in May. Destiny 2 players will likely have to wait for an update in June, July, or August if Bungie keeps up with its schedule of monthly improvements.