Kailyn Lowry Reminds Fans To Buy Her Book During Firing Scandal: Javi Marroquin Weighs In

Bennett RaglinGetty Images for WE tv

Kailyn Lowry was quick to speak out after she learned that David Eason had made some inappropriate comments. When David first created his Twitter account, he went on a massive blocking spree, where he blocked people who he thought didn’t deserve to see his tweets. However, one website managed to pick up his tweets where he slammed the idea of transgendered parents and kids who were members of the LBGTQ community. Lowry quickly became one of the Teen Mom 2 stars who wanted MTV to take action on these comments. Kailyn was outspoken, especially since she had just been slammed in an interview with Jenelle this past weekend.

Needless to say, it seems like Lowry really enjoys being in the spotlight as she has just revealed that her newest book is available for pre-order. This afternoon, Kailyn revealed that while her name was in the tabloids, fans could at least go pre-order her book. According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry seems to be joking a bit about her name being in the press and people not buying her book, but one can imagine she wants people to pre-order her book. A Letter of Love is a book about her becoming a mother and a book about her mistakes. She has revealed that it serves as an apology letter to her children.

Many would argue that Kailyn Lowry doesn’t need help selling her newest book. In fact, it seems like she’s able to sell books on her own, as she’s a New York Times bestselling author. When Javi Marroquin saw her tweet where she encouraged people to buy her book now that her name was in the press over her comments about David Eason’s outrageous Twitter rant, he had a simple reply: “Nah.” Kailyn’s podcast co-host replied to Javi and it sounds like the two were just kidding. Perhaps Marroquin realizes that when Kailyn makes money, his son’s future may be more secure.

Kailyn Lowry is currently filming the last six weeks of Teen Mom 2. No word on whether she and Jenelle Evans have spoken in the past 24 hours, as Jenelle has deleted her Twitter account. She’s still on Instagram.