WWE News: The Real Reason Jeff Jarrett Made The WWE Hall Of Fame

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This week on Monday Night Raw, the WWE shocked the wrestling world when they announced that Jeff Jarrett was the next inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame. This came as a shock to many long-time WWE fans. Jarrett left the company on bad terms with Vince McMahon and then later started his own company to compete with his former employers. The word is that McMahon and Double-J had not spoken since McMahon publicly fired him on the air. However, like a few other cases before this, one man stepped up and helped ensure that Jarrett made it into the WWE Hall of Fame. According to Sports Illustrated, Triple H is the real reason Jeff Jarrett made it into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Jeff Jarrett And His Troubled WWE History

Jeff Jarrett got his start in Memphis wrestling, as his father Jerry Jarrett ran the promotion. As a result, Jarrett became close to Jerry “The King” Lawler and quickly moved up the rankings there. When the time came, Vince McMahon came calling and brought Jarrett to the WWE.

Like most other wrestlers from the ’90s, Jeff came to the company with an interesting gimmick. He was a music star, someone who carried a guitar to the ring and sang to the crowd. It is a popular gimmick, one that Honkey Tonk Man perfected and Elias now has control of. However, there was a difference.

Jeff Jarrett wasn’t really singing, and the storyline had Road Dogg Jessie James as the real talent, meaning that Jarrett was the reason Road Dogg became a WWE star. Over time, Jarrett developed a strong heel character, started working with Debra McMichael as his manager, and feuded with stars for the Intercontinental title.

Soon, WCW came calling, and Jeff Jarrett wanted to move companies to rejoin his old friend Vince Russo. He was champion at the time, and the WWE wanted him to lose to Chyna. He allegedly told Vince McMahon he would only show up and lose if he received a large payout. McMahon agreed, but it left the two on bad terms.

WWE News: The Real Reason Jeff Jarrett Made The WWE Hall Of Fame
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In WCW, Jeff Jarrett became a four-time world champion before Vince McMahon bought the company and fired him on the air. A few years later, Jarrett founded TNA Impact Wrestling and was a six-time world champion there. Impact Wrestling lives on today, 16 years after Jeff started the company.

His past credentials deserve recognition. However, many felt it would never come in a WWE Hall of Fame induction.

Jeff Jarrett Owes This To Triple H

Triple H pushed for the WWE to induct Jeff Jarrett into the WWE Hall of Fame. Jarrett recently finished a WWE-sponsored rehab stint for alcohol abuse, and it was the first time that the two sides had communicated in years. However, the reason that Triple H helped Jarrett get into the WWE Hall of Fame might have to do with Impact Wrestling.

Triple H just hired Jeremy Borash from Impact Wrestling to work as a producer for the WWE. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Triple H is taking more control backstage and might be preparing his own team to run the company when Vince McMahon is ready to step down. Jarrett, as a former talent leader at Impact Wrestling, could be part of that team.

Jeff Jarrett is also not the first person that Triple H has helped mend fences with the WWE and return to the company’s good graces. He is the man who pushed for Sting and Goldberg to make it into the WWE Hall of Fame. Triple H is also the person who opened the line of communication to help Ultimate Warrior and Bruno Sammartino mend fences with Vince McMahon and return to the WWE.