‘Roseanne’ Revival Spoilers: Barr Dishes On Jackie’s Son Andy, ‘TVLine’ Reports

Robert TrachtenbergABC

The Roseanne revival is set to debut on ABC in March, and there are still a lot of questions about the Conner family that fans want answered. One of the biggest questions will be that of Roseanne and Jackie’s youngest children, Jerry and Andy.

According to a February 20 report by TVLine, Roseanne Barr has confirmed that neither Jerry nor Andy will be part of the Roseanne revival this season. Barr says that the character of her son, Jerry Garcia Conner, will be addressed, and it will be revealed that he is working on a fishing boat in Alaska. However, the character of Jackie’s son, Andy, is a different story.

It seems that Roseanne revival viewers won’t get to find out what happened to little Andy, at least not anytime soon. Barr says that Andy’s fate won’t be addressed in the revival due to the fact that there were just too many stories to tell during the season’s nine episodes. However, the actress and creator of the series says that if the show gets picked up for another season, there may be time to dive deeper into other characters as well.

While Roseanne fans won’t be seeing Jerry or Andy in the revival, they can expect to see all of the original cast members back in action. In addition to Roseanne Barr, John Goodman (Dan Conner), Lecy Goranson (Becky), Sara Gilbert (Darlene), and Michael Fishman (DJ) will all be back, as well as Roseanne’s sister’s Jackie, played by Oscar nominee Laurie Metcalf.


The revival will center around the Conner family in the present day, where Roseanne and Dan will still be working although they’re now in their 60s, and money will still be an issue for them. Meanwhile, Darlene will be moving back into her parents’ house after she and her husband David (Johnny Galecki) split. The couple’s oldest daughter, Becky, will also be a struggling widow who finds herself presented with an interesting opportunity, while DJ will be all grown up and raising a daughter. Jackie is said to be as wacky as ever and working as a life coach.

The Roseanne revival premieres on ABC in March.