Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle: Actress Helped Duchess During Pregnancy, Says ‘US,’ Kate Comforts Markle

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Although Meghan Markle was initially not overly accepted by royal enthusiasts when Prince Harry announced they were involved, the Suits star has swiftly won over the masses since then. In addition, it seems that while Duchess Kate Middleton and Markle were initially being pitted against one another, now the common comparison is based on both women’s impeccable sense of fashion and how the two have already been of support to each other.

As Inquisitr recently reported, Middleton has said to be calming Markle’s nerves as her and Prince Harry’s big day approaches. It seems that even future royals get pre-wedding jitters, and Meghan is no different. The Daily Express relays the details regarding Kate’s visit to calm the nerves of her future sister-in-law.

The publication also suggests that Markle is leaning on, and learning from, other members of the royal family, including Harry’s stepmother, Camilla Parker.

Meghan is also said to be a support for Kate Middleton while the Duchess continues on with her third pregnancy, which involved some difficult times and severe morning sickness. US Weekly relays words of a source who explains how Kate has done her best to remain regal while experiencing difficulty with the pregnancy.

“…the 36-year-old has nodded in agreement as well-meaning friends ‘have told her it gets easier every time, but I think she’s found it challenging. It’s taken quite a toll,'” the source claims. The Duchess had a terrible time early on in her pregnancy due to her severe morning sickness which caused Kate to miss a number of events, and even miss Prince George’s first day of school. Although Middleton has been more present over the latest trimester and looked fabulous as she’s appeared at a number of royal events and charity functions, the beauty is still said to have experienced difficult points in the pregnancy.

The insider adds that Meghan Markle has done her part to assist Middleton during the difficult days of her pregnancy, as the publication relays.

The Suits star “often pops over from the palace’s Nottingham Cottage, where she lives with fiancé Prince Harry to share a cup of tea or offer up some advice.” The source states, “[Meghan] shares tips she’s read about healthy eating.”

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It’s no surprise that Prince William dotes on his beautiful bride as well, and has done what he can to ensure Kate Middleton is comfortable and cared for as they prepare to welcome mini-royal no. 3. The baby is due to arrive in April, just ahead of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s May nuptials. Clearly it’s a very exciting time for the royal family, and royal enthusiasts are in a bit of a frenzy over possible baby names and guest lists.