‘NCIS’ Season 15 Return Date And Spoilers: Pauley Perrette Fears For Her Life, Abby’s Exit Details Revealed

Joe ScarniciGetty Images

Many fans were devastated when Pauley Perrette announced that she is leaving the series after NCIS Season 15. The 48-year-old actress broke the news in October 2017. Though the co-star of Mark Harmon clarified that her departure does not involve a bad blood between her and the network, Pauley did not reveal the main reason behind her decision.

New reports claim that Pauley Perrette is currently fearing for her security. Fox 11 Los Angeles shared that the person who tried to harm her several years ago has already been freed from a state psychiatric institution. As a matter of fact, even the neighbors of the NCIS Season 15 actress in Hollywood also share the same concern.

A certain David Merck reportedly attacked Pauley Perrette in November 2015. The NCIS Season 15 revealed to the publication that her life was “changed” after the homeless man caused her harm. The civil rights advocate added that her traumatic experience has also caused her to be afraid to go out her home.

”I’m afraid the next word i hear about this guy is that he’s killed a female.”

USA Today previously reported that David Merck jumped on Pauley Perrette on the street and punched the actress on her face many times. The NCIS Season 15 actress shared that the “psychotic homeless man” had told her he would murder her. Despite this, the New Orleans-born star was still thankful that the attacker did not drag her to a more dangerous location.

“I was alone, terrified and trapped. I knew if he got me in there, I was dead.”

A year after the incident, Pauley Perrette released a statement saying that she has already forgiven the attacker. The NCIS Season 15 actress said she felt sadness more than anger after she looked into his face. She added that David Merck appeared very confused at the time and he really needs help.

“He was out on the street without resources. It was a consequence of our failure as a society to take care of our mentally ill and impaired homeless community.”

Meanwhile, Rocky Carroll told TV Line that Pauley Perrette’s approach to leaving the popular American police military procedural television series “is to have fun with this.” The 54-year-old American actor added that the NCIS Season 15 star has been acknowledging the impact of the show to her devoted followers. CarterMatt has predicted that Abby Sciuto’s exit would not be a gloomy one because this “character has never been about sadness.”

“What she has been doing for her fans is make sprinkle in callbacks, certain Abby-isms, these little treats that the diehard NCIS fans will recognize. It’s her ‘farewell’ card to the audience, where people will see it and go, ‘Oh my god, that’s from Season 2, when this happened with Tony’ or ‘when this happened with Kate.’ She’s trying to take you on this treasure hunt, where every time you’re watching one of her scenes there’s a throwback to a previous season.”

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