‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Billy Miller & Kelly Monaco On ‘Watch What Happens Live’ For ‘Killy Live’ Promo

Frederick M. Brown and Jason KempinGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers state that Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco are in New York for the much-anticipated “Killy Live” event. There has been much speculation about whether these two are a couple in real life as well as on screen. While remaining mum about their personal lives, it seems that at the very least, these two are friends. Billy Miller even attended Kelly Monaco’s recent appearance on Dancing with the Stars, where he was cheering her on, as was evidenced on Kelly’s Instagram feed.

On General Hospital, the two play Drew and Sam Cain. They recently got remarried, as their previous marriage was declared invalid because they both thought that Drew was Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). In fact, Drew is Jason’s twin brother who had his memory mapped by Faison (Anders Hove) in an evil plot to ruin their lives. Currently, spoilers reveal that plenty of drama is still ahead for the couple. For one, Drew and Jason both want to play the fatherly role in Jake (Hudson West) and Danny’s (T.K. Weaver) lives.

Other General Hospital spoilers also warn that Sam’s deepest secret is about to be revealed. On New Year’s Eve, Sam and Jason shared a kiss. Sam has pushed Jason away since the encounter and married Drew instead. However, spoilers indicate that Drew will find out what went down on New Year’s Eve and will be furious, according to Let’s Binge Watch.

Andy Cohen had the opportunity to interview this enigmatic duo on Watch What Happens Live. The two wanted to promote their “Killy Live” event, which takes place on February 24 in New York. The audience loved their interaction and humor as they recounted their experiences as General Hospital actors. Billy Miller was asked about the soap opera’s fans. Killy fans know that Billy receives regular bashings on social media from viewers who would prefer Sam to be with Jason rather than with him. Soap Hub reported that Monaco has stated before that she prefers Drew for Sam.

In turn, Kelly was asked about actors who no longer appear on the show. She made a faux pas when she referred to them as “old-timers.” Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that Monaco was obviously embarrassed at her slip of the tongue and quickly corrected herself. She pointed out that she is also an old-timer on the show, as she has been on the show for nearly 20 years. Miller joined the General Hospital cast as Jason Morgan in 2014. Watch General Hospital every weekday on ABC, and don’t forget to check back here often for all the latest spoilers and news.