‘This Is Us’ Spoilers: One Character May Get Terminal Cancer Before Season 2 Ends, Reports ‘Hollywood Life’

Rich FuryAP Images

This Is Us has finally revealed to fans how Jack Pearson died. However, another shocking death could be in the cards for one member of the Pearson family, and fans are already freaking out about the possibilities.

According to a Feb. 21 report by Hollywood Life, one character on This Is Us may be diagnosed with terminal cancer in an upcoming episode. While the news has not be confirmed, a blind item posted by TVLine has fans thinking that there will be many more tears on the hit NBC show going forward.

The report suggests that a very “popular broadcast drama” that has been airing on television for “less than three seasons” is considering a plot in the upcoming season finale that would reveal a “pivotal character” being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Many fans immediately believed the report was referring to This Is Us, as it is very popular and has only been on television for two seasons. In addition, the show is known for making viewers cry on a weekly basis, and pulls at the heartstrings of the fans.

There are two main candidates as for who the character who could possibly be diagnosed with cancer will be. The first is the Pearson family matriarch, Rebecca, played by actress Mandy Moore. The show has already revealed that she’s had a cancer scare in the past. In the present day, Rebecca seems perfectly healthy, but a storyline about the Pearson siblings losing their mother would be shocking, and heart-wrenching for fans to watch.

Meanwhile, This Is Us fans have also been speculating about the death of the beloved character Randall Pearson, played by actor Sterling K. Brown. Although fans have seen a flash forward scene were Randall is alive as an older man in his 60s, it seems that his future self could be diagnosed with cancer and that his family would have to deal with the aftermath of his diagnosis. As many viewers will remember, Randall’s biological father, William, died of cancer, which could be hereditary.

This Is Us returns for the remaining episodes of Season 2 next week, and fans will be looking for hints about a major character’s death.