Live Action ‘Toy Story’ Movie Film, Leave The CGI At Home

Toy Story ushered in the CGI-Animated film era, but what if Toy Story wasn’t an animated film shot with CGI technology? What if Toy Story was a feature-length live-action film? One fan of the popular children’s movie decided to answer that question by re-creating Toy Story as a full-length, live-action film.

While this version of the movie may not rake in $362 million and win three Academy Awards, it does show the tenacity of YouTube user ‘jonasonsMovies” as they painstakingly recreate the movie and its 80 minute running time.

Uploaded on January 12, the movie already has more than 250,000 views on YouTube, and it quickly climbed to the top of the Reddit homepage.

The movie combines the filmmakers own footage with the film’s original audio, which could throw up some copyright flags.

Here’s “Live-Action Toy Story” for your enjoyment: