George H.W. Bush May Leave Hospital Soon, According To Spokesman

Austin, TX – George H.W. Bush may be on the verge of leaving hospital, according to the latest update from a family spokesman.

Speaking Sunday, Jim McGrath said the 88-year-old former president is close to departing the Houston facility where he was hospitalized in November. McGrath added that Bush has a good chance of being released “this coming week”, though admitted family and friends were approaching the situation with a measure of caution:

“We are hopeful that the president can be discharged this coming week, but we’re still taking everything one day at a time.”

Reports about Bush’s health have been gradually improving over time. Late last month, McGrath revealed how his boss was “singing” with doctors and nurses at his hospital.

Meanwhile, son Jeb Bush has told that he expects his father to be released Monday.

George H.W. Bush was first admitted to hospital on November 23 after contracting bronchitis. After spending Christmas in Methodist Hospital, Bush was sent to intensive care after developing a persistent fever and other complications.

The former president has been confined to a wheelchair for more than a year now due to a loss of balance caused by lower-body parkinsonism.

George H.W. Bush was the 41st president of the United States. Under his leadership, the U.S. led a coalition that pushed Iraqi forces out of Kuwait in 1991. He also served as a congressman, ambassador to the United Nations, envoy to China, CIA director and as vice president for two terms under President Ronald Reagan.