Beyonce Open To A Sing-Off With Wendy Williams According To ‘Hollywood Life’

Allen BerezovskyGetty Images

No one messes with Beyonce, not even Wendy Williams. The TV show host’s opinion that the 20-time Grammy Award winner needed Auto-Tune to sing live has been receiving backlash from the Beyhive. The Beyhive is the unofficial name for the millions of followers of the singer online. The talk show host apparently made the comment on her show in reaction to Fergie’s terrible rendition of the National Anthem during the NBA All-Star game.

Wendy’s insinuation that Bey, along with Fergie, Jennifer Lopez, and Janet Jackson all need Auto-Tune has instigated more reactions from Beyonce’s camp. However, in a report on Hollywood Life, Beyonce is reportedly unbothered about the diss and is open to a sing-off with Wendy Williams. The report claims the 36-year-old singer just laughed off Wendy’s comments but would welcome a sing-off to put the records straight. Sources close to the singer disclosed this information to Hollywood Life according to the report.

“If Beyonce [was] really worried about what Wendy Williams said then Beyonce would not be Beyonce. She is so far above that chatter. She just had to laugh it off. But, if Wendy ever wanted to put her money where her mouth is she would welcome a sing-off between the two to show who can really sing, and who is just a big bag of hot air!”

A report on Uproxx said that her comment about Bey needing Auto-Tune brought an audible gasp from Wendy’s in-studio audience. Loyal fans of the singer have continued to defend her honor by providing video evidence on Twitter to prove she can sing without Auto-Tune. Wendy Williams has been accused of being outspoken on her TV show because of her comments about celebrities. The talk show host once told Ellen DeGeneres to her face that she looks like Justin Bieber. Ellen once asked Wendy “why are you so mean” on her show in January because of her bluntness.


The idea of Beyonce and Wendy Williams in a sing-off is hilarious, even Auto-Tune would not save the TV show host. People will always express their opinions, especially on TV, but the recent backlash from fans show the pedigree of the R&B diva. The report says that Beyonce would have an unfair advantage in a sing-off with Wendy, pointing out that the singer has 20 Grammy Awards and Wendy has none.


All the talk about Bey needing Auto-Tune is a result of Fergie’s attempt to put a personal twist on the National Anthem and Wendy like most Americans was not happy about it. However, the report on Hollywood Life states that Fergie’s performance does not discredit her as a musician. The comments section of Fergie’s Instagram posts was turned off because of the negative comments being posted by unhappy Americans.