Adam Rippon Shares Financial Struggles Prior To Olympics, Dealt With Being Broke And Living With His Coach

Adam Rippon has really made a name for himself at the 2018 Olympic Games. Not only did he make a splash both on social media and at the games themselves, but he has also been so popular that he was even offered a job with NBC to help comment on the final week of the Olympics, and Sally Field tried to play matchmaker between her son and the figure skater on Twitter. However, while Rippon might be an Olympic medalist now, it seems that at one point, things were not so easy for the figure skater.

During an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box, Adam Rippon had a chance to share more of his story, this time talking about the time he lived in his coach’s basement and was essentially broke. The figure skater shared that it was six years ago when he found himself with no money and having to live with his coach in the man’s basement. Rippon explained that at one point he had, “just leased a car and I got a letter in the mail saying that my credit was so bad that they needed to take the car back.”

While they may have tried to take his car back, his coach once again stepped up to help him. In fact, according to Adam Rippon his coach, “co-signed on the lease so that I could keep the car and he said: ‘I trust you. And I trust that you’re going to work hard.'”

Although Rippon may have struggled at one point with money and having a place to live, it seems that his coach’s confidence in him was well-deserved. The figure skater may have missed out on making the Olympics in both 2010 and 2014, but in 2018 he not only qualified but even made the medal stand as part of the figure skating team event, winning a bronze medal.

When it comes to financial struggles, Adam Rippon is not the only Olympian to deal with being broke. Whether it is working part-time jobs or using crowdfunding, there are plenty of reports of Olympic athletes struggling to make ends meet. Although there are endorsement deals that come with being the top athletes in a particular field, or even a true underdog, when it comes to the “average” Olympian, it is rare to find a company offering big endorsements.

In fact, coming into the 2018 Olympic Games, Adam Rippon did not have any endorsement deals or offers. However, now that Rippon has proven himself to be just as much of a headliner as any of the other big names, like Shaun White, it is likely that he will find himself getting some deals of his own.