Blac Chyna’s Explicit Video Scandal Gave Kim Kardashian ‘A ‘Huge Laugh,’ According To ‘Hollywood Life’

Paras Griffin for BET, Kevin WinterGetty Images

Blac Chyna’s explicit tape leaked online has caused quite a stir on social media and the entire world wide web as a new report claims that even Kim Kardashian and her sisters reacted to the scandalous footage of their brother Rob’s ex.

According to the Hollywood Life, Kim and the other Kardashian ladies have already seen the controversial footage that dragged Chyna’s name to the gutter and reportedly had “a huge laugh” because of it.

Citing an unnamed source, the outlet revealed how the infamous reality TV brood reacted to the controversy Dream Kardashian’s mom is in now.

“Kim is ecstatic that Rob was a part of Chyna’s sex tape debacle,” an insider from Calabasas said.

“She saw the video clip and she and her sisters had a huge laugh about it. They hate the fact that it’s the mother of their niece, but they can’t help the fact that there is so much animosity between their family and Chyna.”

By the looks of it, the Kardashian clan seem to remain upset about the very public fight between exes Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, making the former’s current scandal quite amusing for them. The informant also noted that Dream’s 30-year-old dad successfully avoided anymore public humiliation and trouble since he was accused of revenge porn by the model’s lawyers.

“Chyna has made Rob’s life hell and Kim has been quick to point out that Rob has kept himself completely out of harm’s way ever since his public spat with Chyna.”

For those who haven’t been up to speed, Blac Chyna’s explicit tape with an unknown man emerged earlier this week. She has since filed a police report to bring justice to whoever leaked the raunchy clip to the public.

Based on a report from TMZ, the 29-year-old model starred in a 1-minute 23-second clip where she was seen performing oral stimulation to a mystery man who appeared to be the one taking the video. While his face was never shown, the unknown man’s voice can be heard during the course of the footage.

Chyna’s attorneys have already shared their statements on different channels, with high-powered women’s rights lawyer Lisa Bloom condemning the clip as an act of “revenge porn” while speaking to E! News. Walter Mosley took to Instagram to call for a change in the “culture of abuse and assault against women.”

As for Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s relationship, it seems like they are still not okay after their court battle on the 29-year-old model’s claims that she and KUWTK momager Kris Jenner killed her reality show, Rob & Chyna. Based on a report from TMZ, Kim and Kris were able to have the case dismissed.

Despite this, the Hollywood Life‘s insider revealed that Kim Kardashian doesn’t plan on making her opinion about Blac Chyna’s explicit tape public.

“Kim isn’t going to clown Chyna publicly because social media is already killing her pretty badly for her fellatio skills,” the source said, adding that the 37-year-old mom of three is just happy that her brother is nowhere near the trouble she’s in.