Man Buys Antique Camera And Finds 100-Year-Old Photos Inside

San Diego – An analog photographer bought an antique camera and found 100-year-old photos of the World War I era inside.

According to Today, Anton Orlov recently went to an antique shop near Los Angeles and bought a 1901 Bellini Jumelle photo camera.

Orlov says that he only payed $100 for the antique camera. However, when Orlov decided to take the camera home to clean it, he found something inside that he hopes is worth a lot more.

Inside the camera, Orlov found a series of eight photographs that were already developed. These photos were taken on the camera more than 100 years ago.

The 100-year-old photographs show World War I airplanes, soldiers on horseback, and a bomb. All of these pictures offer a incredibly authentic look at what the world was like during this certain time in history.

Orlav said:

“I was pretty flabbergasted. I’ve never seen images like that come out of the camera already developed.”

This kind of film photography is incredibly unique, because it has proven to stand the test of time.

“Other than fire, very few things can destroy it,” he explained. “A hundred years from now, that SD [digital camera] card is going to be pretty useless.”

Orlov eventually wants to see if the 100-year-old photos are worth anything. Right now, however, he just enjoys being the person that holds such a set of old photographs.

“I’m just happy to put them out there after them being hidden in a camera for 100 years. I’m just happy to see people enjoying them,” he said.

Orlov hopes to feature these World War I photographs, along with other collections, all over the country in a film photography education journey.

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