Raquel Leviss Shows Love For Lala Kent Despite Her Drama With James Kennedy

Despite all of the drama that's happening between Lala Kent and James Kennedy, and James' own admission on the latest Vanderpump Rules episode that he may still have romantic feelings for Lala, it seems that his girlfriend, Raquel Leviss, has no hard feelings towards Lala. In fact, it seems that Raquel actually loves Lala.

On Monday night, after the latest episode aired, Raquel posted a sweet message to Lala. On Instagram, Raquel referenced how Lala, during her argument with James, said that they need to make sure that they show respect to their respective partners. Lala demanded that James stop "coming" for her and her relationship with Randall Emmett. Lala also repeatedly told James, who had been touching her and was passive aggressive with her all night, that they need to have boundaries when it comes to their friendship out of respect for Raquel.

In her message, Raquel stated that respect is a part of everyone's basic rights and she won't support anything less. Raquel also noted that her man's not perfect. Accompanying the message, which Raquel tagged Lala in, is a photo of Raquel and Lala close to one another. The photo may have been taken during the group's vacation in Big Bear, during which they stayed at Scheana Shay's boyfriend's family vacation home.

Does this mean that Raquel Leviss is now on Lala Kent's side when it comes to her feud with James Kennedy? After all, Monday night's Vanderpump Rules episode didn't do James and his relationship with Raquel any favors. During a night of drinking in the cabin, James began acting aggressive towards Lala. Even when Raquel made it clear to James that his behavior around Lala was making her uncomfortable, James didn't let up. Finally fed up with James disrespecting her boyfriend Randall Emmett, whom James at one point even called "Fat Rolls Royce," Lala had a stern talk with James outside of the cabin.

Surprisingly, during the talk, James revealed that his behavior towards Lala is because of his feelings for her and their past.

"I have a negative view on that man because he put the one that I love in jeopardy. So now when you've come to the place where you're finally happy and you're talking about the future together and a house, beautiful things that I want, I've loved you, so you have to understand Lala, I'm not used to it."
Lala reminded James that he now has Raquel.
"You have Raquel now okay? Our friendship is going to change."
When James questioned why their friendship needs to change, Lala said that they owe Raquel and Randall respect.
"Why do you think James? Do you realize how much respect we owe to Raquel and to my dude?"
In her confessional interview, Lala said that James was afraid of losing her.
"James thinks that he's losing me to my relationship, but it's OK for him to have a girlfriend and it's OK for me to have a boyfriend."
During their talk, James and Lala also acknowledged that they had sex with one another in the past. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, James and Lala long ago gave interviews during which they admitted that they got intimate with one another and tried to have a relationship.

On Tuesday afternoon, James seemed to be doing some damage control by publicly proclaiming that he loves her.

While some people responded to James Kennedy's post by questioning whether he really does love Raquel Leviss or if he loves Lala Kent, Raquel left a comment that made it clear that they're still going strong.
"raquelleviss: I love you more than words can express you mean the world to me. I can't wait to see you this weekend"