Johnny Bananas Throws Shade At ‘Challenge’ Costars In Reddit AMA


Johnny Bananas of MTV’s The Challenge fame hosted a Reddit AMA Tuesday evening where fans of the successful franchise could ask the veteran anything they wanted.

Many questions surrounded Bananas’ controversial decision to steal money from his partner Sarah Rice during Rivals III. It was one of The Challenges‘ most memorable backstabbing moments. Bananas had accumulated more points during the final challenge than Sarah, so he was given the opportunity to take all of the winnings for himself, or split them with Sarah.

Ultimately, Bananas chose all the money for himself and walked away with $275,000 while Sarah left with nothing for winning the final. When asked if he regretted taking the money from Sarah, he admitted, “Not one second of one day.”

Another fan in the AMA asked if it was awkward after he revealed his decision to take the money and run.

“It was pretty awkward on top of that mountain. But I had 275k reasons to feel comforted,” Bananas cleverly responded.

He also commented it was his favorite moment from his entire Challenge career.

Another fan asked the question on many loyal Challenge viewers’ minds, which was the fate of Camila Nakagawa on MTV. Camila was notoriously removed from the recent Challenge spinoff Champs vs. Stars after she punched a production assistant in the face, stole a golf cart, and locked herself in a bathroom.

Camila had been the center of drama on the series for years, and it appeared her reign came to an end after MTV allegedly banned her from ever appearing again. Camila was even absent to claim her reward on The Challenge: Dirty 30 reunion special because of her antics on Champs vs. Stars.

When asked if Camila would appear on the network again, Bananas seemed to confirm what MTV has yet to do.

“Safe to say we won’t be seeing Camila on any upcoming challenges for awhile [sic],” he admitted.

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Bananas also made jabs at costars Zach Nichols and Jemmye Carroll. When asked why Zach wasn’t a “top level challenger,” Bananas claimed it was because he is “a sheep in wolf’s clothing.”

When it came to Jemmye, it appeared that Bananas was doing damage control over calling her a sea creature two weeks ago on Twitter. In the AMA, a viewer asked what kind of sea creature Jemmye was to which Bananas simply noted she was a mermaid.

In the AMA, Bananas also confirmed that he is paid to appear on the series whether he wins a final challenge or not. He also mentioned that Chris “CT” Tamburello caused the most damage in Challenge house bathrooms when asked who clogged the most toilets.

One of the biggest shocks from the question and answer session was Bananas’ comments regarding the elimination challenge between Derrick Kosinski and Joss Mooney. The veteran claimed that the challenge was the most brutal elimination he had ever seen on the show, which will be played out on tonight’s episode of Vendettas.

To find out more of Bananas’ shocking Challenge revelations, read the entire AMA here.

The Challenge: Vendettas airs every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.