‘Dog Who Wouldn’t Die’ Heads Home Following Surgery [Video]

Buck, also known as the “dog who wouldn’t die,” has been released from a veterinary hospital following surgery to correct pellet gun wounds to his head and face.

Buck was reportedly found stuffed inside a bag after someone had shot the poor dog several times with a pellet gun. According to Yahoo! News, the canine’s life was spared thanks to a Facebook campaign designed to cover the cost of his expensive surgery.

Tami Augustyn, the woman who rushed Buck to the hospital following the discovery, posted this message on Facebook after the surgery was complete:

“Buck is sleeping comfortably now. It is raining here and good sleeping weather. He’s been through alot this past 7 days and he deserves the rest to help him continue to heal. I know you are all anxiously awaiting the video tonight. It will be a few more hours before it’s posted because it is being edited and the person doing it is working. In the meantime, go enjoy your evening, morning, or afternoon [depending on where you live] and check back in a few hours.”

The Christian Post reports that the “dog who wouldn’t die” was discovered tied to a fence outside of Conroe, Texas. When the canine was released from the bag, it took several steps before collapsing. He was then rushed to a nearby animal clinic for treatment.

Vets treated Buck for multiple pellet gun wounds to his head, face, and shoulders. The dog was also suffering from hypothermia after being left outside in the bag for so long. Doctors believe he may been used as a “bait dog” in local dog fights. It’s currently unknown if the dog will ever be able to see again.

Video of Buck following his surgery has been included below.

Tami Augustyn is currently caring for the “dog who wouldn’t die” at her home. She is asking for the Facebook users who paid for his surgery to now pray for his swift recovery.