Queen Elizabeth II Graces London Fashion Week With Touch of Royalty With Fashion Legend Anna Wintour

The long-reigning Queen Elizabeth II has brought a touch of royalty to the London Fashion Week as she attended the event and was significantly seated in the front row alongside fashion legend and editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour.

While enjoying Anna Wintour's fine conversation as models flaunted the many great designs on the runway, the Queen sported a refreshingly light blue Angela Kelly tweed jacket with a dress to match it.

Anna Wintour is a significant figure in the fashion world, and according to E! Online she was named a Dame by the Queen last year, a title of great honor and prestige. It is the female equivalent of knighthood. The Queen's appearance was a great surprise and the seating arrangement a delight to fans the world over.

At the event, as reported by USA Today, the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design, was ceremoniously bestowed to Richard Quinn by the Queen herself. The prestigious award is steeped in tradition and was originally crafted for a noble purpose. The Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design rewards British designers who, in addition to proving talent in their field, have also made a positive impact on society. It takes the role that fashion plays on a global scale and affects society and diplomacy very seriously.

As reported by Time, in addition to gracing London Fashion Week with her royal presence, Queen Elizabeth II has invited notable fashion designers for an evening. She made arrangements to host them for a night of celebration for the Commonwealth at Buckingham Palace.

London Fashion Week is an event that inspires the world not only of fashion, but more generally as it showcases the best in design that Britain's talent has to offer. The event was a smashing success and was made all the more regal with the Queen's surprise appearance that no doubt left the crowd happily surprised as the show unfolded under her royal eye while Anna Wintour's close seating added to the intrigue.

Anna Wintour
Dame Anna Wintour

Events like London Fashion Week serve to remind the public of the greater role fashion has on society. It can be used to shape it and bring us closer to a better world. That is the spirit and noble sentiment behind the design award that the Queen has initiated. As London Fashion Week brought recognition to some of Britain's best designers, the Queen's attendance was significant and furnished an added sense of importance to the affair.