Famous Twin Dies, Vivian Brown Predeceases Sister Marion In San Francisco

News that a famous twin has died saddened San Franciscans, as Vivian Brown and sister Marion were a staple in their native city and beloved by residents.

Famous twin Vivian Brown was not in films or on TV, but she and her sister Marion Brown were well-known in San Francisco for their joie de vivre, visibility, and penchant for dressing alike until the passing of Vivian.

The Contra Costa Times profiled famous twin Vivian Brown after her death, noting that the woman had escalated to the level of “local celebrity along with her twin sister after the two regularly walked through the city’s streets in matching high-end outfits, identical hairdos and cheerful smiles.”

The paper indicates Vivian Brown died in her sleep Wednesday after a battle with Alzheimer’s, and explains the famous twins were small in stature, but made a big splash:

“For 40 years, the Brown twins could be seen walking along San Francisco’s streets, greeting tourists and locals alike. Standing 5-foot-1 and about 100 pounds apiece, the twins were also seen in commercials, made cameo appearances in films, appeared on talk shows and frequented civic events.”

Vivian Brown’s famous twin Marion has not spoken much since her sister’s death last week, but she briefly commented to the San Francisco Chronicle that the loss of her twin — the pair were born in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1927 and only moved to California in the 70s — had floored her.

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Marion said:

“My heart is aching for her … We were always so close.”

A Wikipedia article for Vivian Brown and her famous twin describe the pair as San Francisco icons. Neither Vivian Brown nor Marion Brown ever married nor had children during their lives.