Abby Lee Miller Is Allegedly Being Released From Prison Any Day Now, Reports ‘Radar Online’

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Abby Lee Miller made a dramatic move to prison last summer after she was sentence to one year and a day at the FCI Victorville facility. Now, the former reality star is getting out several months early, according to reports by Radar Online.

The reality TV star was sentenced to serve 366 days in jail after she was found guilty of fraud. Additionally, she was indicted for not declaring the more than $10,000 cash she brought in with her when she came back to America from Australia.

Abby Lee Miller is allegedly getting ready to leave life in lock-up, but the disgraced reality TV star is still guarded. Instead of being able to go home, she will be making her way to a halfway house in Van Nuys, California, where she will serve out the rest of her sentence.

An insider at the prisoner reported to Radar Online that Abby Lee Miller had to detail exactly what she will be wearing down to her bra and underwear when she leaves the prison over 60 days in advance. The source says she will be wearing a simple outfit.

The insider also revealed that Abby Lee Miller will be transported by an approved private individual who will submit their identity and license plate to the state of California. Barring any emergencies, they won’t be able to stop anywhere except halfway through the journey where Abby will be able to have a snack.

In the halfway house, Abby Lee Miller will still not know freedom fully. She will still be under the rules of Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and will be assigned to a bunk just like when she was in FCI Victorville. The insider claims that the former Dance Moms star will still be eating fairly bad food and that the BOP’s rules still apply in the halfway house. It is not known if she will be allowed to leave the halfway house at any point or if she will remain there for the duration.

After taking a breathalyzer and urine test, the star will reportedly be required to wait in her bunk until all of the paperwork comes through.