Brittany Cartwright Denies Dumping Jax Taylor After Tweet Where She Talks About Letting Hurtful Things Go

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Brittany Cartwright has every reason to leave Jax Taylor behind after this past year. Brittany was shocked to learn that Jax Taylor had cheated on her with a fellow SUR co-worker after two years of dating. All of their Vanderpump Rules co-stars believed Jax had changed completely after he met Brittany. For years, he had cheated on his girlfriends, and he never thought he could change. Brittany was upset when she learned he had slept with another woman, and she questioned whether it was worth it to be in the relationship. Over a few weeks, she thought she should give it another chance. Despite giving him another shot, she has been upset with him several times after the cheating revelations.

Last week, Brittany posted a tweet where she talked about letting things go when they were painful or hurtful. Given what is playing out on Vanderpump Rules, fans thought that she was talking about Jax Taylor. However, Brittany seemed upset that viewers thought she was talking about Taylor, as they appear to be going great these days. According to a new tweet, Brittany Cartwright is now revealing that she doesn’t talk about Jax on social media when they have issues. Fans shouldn’t assume that she’s talking about him behind his back.


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“My tweet had nothing to do with Jax. I’m trying to show some of you to be positive in this negative world & be better than those who hurt you. I have been through it & no matter how mad or hurt I am I would never go on social media and bash someone. Cyberbullying has to stop,” Brittany Cartwright revealed on Twitter after people started asking if she had broken things off with Jax.

It sounds like she has plenty of respect for Taylor despite his betrayals. Both Jax and Brittany have said that they don’t want to share their personal drama on social media for the world to see. When she learned that Taylor had cheated on her, she didn’t go on social media to address the cheating story, she didn’t tell the world what was going on, and she didn’t attack Faith Stowers on social media for disrespecting her relationship. Instead, Cartwright respects Jax enough to keep their private issues away from the world. Based on Brittany’s tweet, she wants the cyberbullying to stop and she wants people to write nice things about her and Jax.

Brittany Cartwright is currently dating Jax Taylor and they just celebrated Valentine’s Day together. They are not filming Vanderpump Rules these days.