Free ‘Superhot’ Stars In Otherwise Forgettable Xbox Games With Gold For March


Microsoft revealed the lineup of free Xbox One games for March and it is a largely forgettable lot. Fortunately, the unique indie first-person shooter Superhot is on tap to bolster the selection for Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers.

Here’s the breakdown of what Games with Gold will deliver for Xbox LIVE Gold members in March, along with the dates they will be available to download for free.

  • Trials of the Blood Dragon (Xbox One): March 1 – 31
  • Superhot (Xbox One): March 16 – April 15
  • Brave: The Video Game (Backwards Compatible): March 1 – 15
  • Quantum Conundrum (Backwards Compatible): March 16 – 31

As a reminder, some of the free Xbox One and Xbox 360 free games from February are still available. Shadow Warrior for the Xbox One is available until February 28 while Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India will hang around until March 15. Additionally, the backward compatible Sega title, Crazy Taxi, will remain free to download until the end of February.

Trials of the Blood Dragon

Trials of the Blood Dragon for the Xbox One hitting Games with Gold in March.

This is Ubisoft’s Trials series crossed over with the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon expansion. It is meant to be yet another whacky take on the motocross and physics puzzle mash-up and it does a stellar job initially. However, it soon becomes clear this is not up to par with other titles from the Trials franchise. This led to the game receiving a disappointing 57 aggregate review score on Metacritic.


This innovative indie title provided a much-needed unique take on the first-person shooter genre. The combination of the color-coded minimalistic environments plus the unique time-based gameplay where time moves only when your character moves make for an undeniably cool puzzle-style shooter. Superhot received a positive 83 Metacritic score from critics.

Brave: The Video Game

Merida battles a foe in Brave: The Video Game.

There’s not much to say about Brave: The Video Game other than it is based on the 2012 Disney Pixar computer-animated film. It is a third-person adventure that sends Merida out to save her mother and younger brothers after they were transformed into bears. It earned a 65 on Metacritic which is fairly typical for animated movie tie-in games.

Quantum Conundrum

Solve puzzles in Quantum Conundrum.

Kim Swift of Portal fame brought this first-person puzzle-platformer to the Xbox 360 in 2012. The title puts players in the shoes of the 12-year old nephew of a mad scientist where things go awry. Players will need to manipulate objects in the world through multiple dimensions to maneuver their way through multiple levels and save the crazy uncle. The game’s style and puzzles were praised by critics but knocked for the story and platforming elements to earn a 76 on Metacritic.