‘Fortnite’ Season 3 Battle Pass Release Date, Details And What To Expect

Epic Games

Fornite: Battle Royal is about to conclude the Season 2 of Battle Pass to make way for Season 3. Epic Games have broken down what fans can expect from Season 3. The current season had a medieval theme and Epic Games has revealed that fans will be able to battle for first place by moving around in a space suit.

Battle Pass gets you exclusive loot and Epic Games has confirmed that the Mission Specialist Outfit, which is a space suit will be included in the instant rewards. As you play the game, you will unlock more rewards and all players will be able to purchase tiers.

There will be 100 tiers in the third season with more outfits, banners, and emoticons than the previous season. The number of pickaxes, emotes and gliders available will remain the same. However, the third season of Battle Pass will add Skydiving FX Trails, new loading screens and back blings.

Back blings are accessories added to your backpack. You will be able to customize it with raptor skins among other items yet to be revealed.

Epic Games notes that even with the added tiers, it will take roughly the same number of hours to complete the season, which is estimated to take between 70 to 150 hours. If you don’t have time you to play through the season, you can purchase the tiers for 150 V-bucks per tier.

According to Fortnite Battle Royal‘s official Reddit page, Season 3 has an official release date and will begin on February 22, 2018 and will conclude on April 30. This will give you about two months and a week to complete the upcoming season.

If you don’t pay for the Battle Pass, you will likely receive some of the rewards with gameplay by completing the weekly challenges. There are daily challenges you have to complete each week. The weekly challenges stack, so therefore you don’t have to log in to Fortnite every day to attempt to complete them.

Some of the changes coming to Fortnite Battle Royal is the recent patch V.3.0.0, which will nerf the pump shotgun to change the dynamic of the game. The pump shotguns have a long reload time due to its high damage.

However, some savvy users manage to bypass the pump by quickly switching weapons and the new patch will prevent this from happening.