Jenelle Evans Shares Photos After Her Twitter Account Drama With ‘Teen Mom 2’ Fans

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Jenelle Evans had a busy weekend as an interview was released. The Teen Mom 2 star had done an interview where she slammed her co-stars, Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer because she felt that they were lying about her. Then, her husband decided to share some rude and inappropriate comments on Twitter. On Sunday night, Jenelle and David’s accounts disappeared on Twitter and it sounds like many fans reported them for inappropriate behavior. But Evans hasn’t said anything about the drama that unfolded yesterday, as her husband was accused of making homophobic comments. Instead, Jenelle decided to keep things sweet on her Instagram account. This morning, Evans shared a photo of her daughter Ensley and her son Kaiser.

According to a new Instagram photo, Jenelle Evans‘ son is giving Ensley her bottle of milk. While some fans decided to comment on how Ensley looks like Jace and how adorable her children are, others revealed that Jenelle and David should be removed from Teen Mom 2 because of his inappropriate comments. Perhaps Evans wants to focus on her children and the positive aspects of her life rather than the Twitter drama that continues to play out. Evans revealed during her interview on Saturday that she’s currently filming Teen Mom 2.

It is possible that Jenelle Evans has her hands full with her children, who may not understand what is going on. This weekend, Jenelle got into several fights with Kailyn because of the secrets she revealed during the interview. Kailyn was angry about them and she has vowed to address them on her own podcast. During the interview, Jenelle didn’t really speak about her children and one can imagine she’s busy caring for them. She has revealed that she’s busy getting them ready for school in the morning and she doesn’t have time to deal with the drama. These days, Jenelle is distancing herself from the drama. She has revealed that she’s tired of the public criticism and she has considered deleting her social media profiles to remove the drama from her life.

Jenelle Evans is currently suspended from Twitter after fans reported her for her husband’s inappropriate comments. No word on whether Twitter will give her back her account.