Maci Bookout Shares Message About Taylor After Drama On ‘Teen Mom OG’

Theo WargoGetty Images

Maci Bookout has been keeping silent about the drama that has played out on Teen Mom OG over the past couple of weeks. While Maci was criticized by Ryan Edwards’ parents for keeping Bentley away from his father until he could prove that he was sober, Bookout didn’t say much about the family drama on social media. It’s no secret that Maci and Mackenzie Standifer don’t always agree on things, so when Bookout was confronted over her decisions to keep Bentley away on the Teen Mom OG reunion special, Mackenzie walked off the stage. Now, Bookout is giving thanks to her husband for standing by her while she’s dealing with all of this drama.

On Valentine’s Day, Maci and her husband had a date, and she decided to share a video of them on Instagram. According to a new Instagram post, Maci Bookout’s video was rather innocent, as she kissed him on the cheek. However, her caption for the video was powerful, as she gave thanks to him for putting up with her and all the drama in her life. She made the post around the time that Ryan Edwards’ wedding played out on Teen Mom OG. Perhaps Bookout was referring to the drama that has played out regarding Mackenzie and Ryan.

“A little late posting, because life – but – I have the best valentine forever. Taylor McKinney is my favorite human and I’m so glad he loves me enough to put up with my s**t. #ThingsThatMatter,” Maci Bookout revealed on Instagram, sharing that she was thrilled with her husband and his undying love for her.

Of course, many people have opinions about Bookout’s decision to stay firm with Edwards. After watching him drive while under the influence, it’s possible that Maci didn’t want Bentley in his care alone, as he could choose to drive with Bentley in the car. After going to treatment, Ryan claims he’s sober. Maci hasn’t questioned his sobriety on Teen Mom OG.

Maci Bookout is currently wrapping up another season of Teen Mom OG. The show is expected to return once again, even though Farrah Abraham will stop filming the show soon. She has supposedly been fired, and the previews for the next episode show a producer talking to Abraham about her behavior and her business decisions.