Jennifer Aniston’s Solo Photo Spread Hinted That Her Bel Air Home Wasn’t A Love Nest For Justin Theroux

Jason MerrittGetty Images

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux surprised a lot of people with news of their split, but no one may have been more shocked than editors for Architectural Digest. The news of the A-list couple’s impending divorce comes at the same time as a splashy photo spread for the famed magazine in which Jennifer Aniston gave a solo tour of her $21 million Bel Air property. The home was also the site of Aniston’s 2015 wedding to Theroux.

While Justin Theroux is repeatedly referenced in the spread, titled “At Home with Jennifer Aniston,” he is only shown in one photo — a shot of him walking away from the house. Jennifer Aniston provides all of the commentary herself and appears in all photos solo, including the cover for the March 2018 issue of the magazine. A shot of a photo wall shows Jennifer and Justin posing for a handful of snaps in happier times.

Justin Theroux is barely seen in the photo spread, but in the accompanying Architectural Digest interview, Jennifer Aniston revealed that her then-husband was involved in the remodeling of the home.

“Justin definitely wanted to be involved, so there was a bit of a learning curve for me on how to include another voice in the design process,” Aniston said. “For instance, I figured out that immediately saying ‘No!’ to any suggestion is not the most collaborative move.”

Despite their design differences, Aniston’s commentary made it seem as though the home was a West Coast love nest for her and Justin.

“There was a time when I thought there was something romantic about picking up and trotting off somewhere different every three months,” Jennifer said. “I look around at my husband and my dogs and our home, and there’s nowhere else I want to be.”

Indeed, the article describes how Jennifer Aniston “crafts a scene of pure domestic bliss with husband Justin Theroux” at the home, with talk of poolside parties with friends. But there isn’t much sign of the actor at the home—just, tellingly, him walking away from it.

Since the couple’s split, it has been widely reported that Justin Theroux is a devout New Yorker while Jennifer Aniston is a California girl.

The timing of the Architectural Digest spread couldn’t have been worse. According to the New York Post’s Page Six, last week as Architectural Digest editor Amy Astley hosted a New York City cocktail party to celebrate the issue, the attendees’ phone alerts starting going off as the news broke that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux had split. The editors reportedly had no idea there was trouble in paradise, but looking back, it seems every picture tells a story.